‘Chrisley Knows Best’ News: Todd and Julie Chrisley Cleared Of Their Tax Evasion Charges in Georgia

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Fans of Chrisley Knows Best will be excited to hear that Todd and Julie Chrisley have been cleared of their tax evasion charges in the state of Georgia. E! shared the news today about the charges and the settlement that the family made.

Chrisley Knows Best stars cleared

It turns out that the couple has been cleared of their charges. It turns out that they only had one year that they filed incorrectly. The couple owes $77,000 for that year. They signed an agreement last week. This marks the end of this battle. That is really going to make things easier on the family.


Todd and Julie have always said they were innocent. Here is what Todd told E! not long ago.

“Julie and I knew all along that we had done nothing wrong and that when the facts all came out, we would be fine. We’re just glad that the Department of Revenue was willing to keep an open mind and look at all the evidence.”

The couple still has legal drama

Their legal drama isn’t all over yet, though. They do still have one issue. The family from Chrisley Knows Best still faces federal charges for allegedly evading federal taxes in the same time period. They are working in the right direction, but there is still a bit to go.

New season

A new season of Chrisley Knows Best just started airing last week on USA. The fans love that they are getting to see the family still. So far, they haven’t talked about any of their legal drama. It will be interesting to see if they discuss it on the show or just act like it didn’t happen.

Right now, they are focusing on the boys growing up and also Savannah planning her wedding. Fans got to see her get engaged and now wedding planning is coming.

Don’t miss new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best on Thursdays on USA. You get two new episodes each week. Things are looking up for the family.

Mandy Robinson


  1. hope everything works out for them I love that show always watch her they’re the best family ever that he take She and Him takes care of their family love they show I hope they get out soon

  2. I hope that Todd and Julie get out sin I love their show and I love Mantelpiece Fay she makes the show fun and so does Chloe. Best wishes your in my thoughts and prayers.✝️🕎🔯 I love your show bring it back it helped me with depression.

  3. I always felt they were being railroaded. Other people have done much more and felt no ramifications. We live in a crooked world. Welcome Home guys. Like your family, I’ve missed your family. Hang in there. 👍

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