Duggar: How Cute Are Josiah And Lauren’s Date Pictures Featuring Her Baby Bump?

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Josiah and Lauren Duggar shared a few pictures highlighting their recent date. In the post, they don’t share the details of their date, but they did snap four pictures outside along the way. The post features two pictures of the happy couple and one solo picture of each of them.

In these pictures, Lauren says, “Btw I’m ready for fall, Siah is still in summer”. This explanation comes because Josiah is wearing a short-sleeved button down shirt with shorts, while Lauren is wearing a sweater and a skirt.

Lauren also says that she loves doing life with Josiah in her caption. Duggar fans agree that the two are perfect for each other and that they look very happy. At the end of the post, Lauren adds that she is “#blessed”.


Counting On fans are loving these new date pictures

Though John-David and Abbie Duggar seem to take first-place for fan favorite, Josiah and Lauren are pretty popular with Counting On fans. On social media, Josiah and Lauren have been sharing plenty of updates with their fans. They share the big news, including the gender reveal for their first child. They also share other news about date nights and how they’re spending their time together.

In response to these new pictures, Duggar fans are leaving sweet comments on the Instagram post. Here’s what a few fans had to say:

  • Ahh Lauren is blooming”.
  • Looking good you two!!
  • “Lauren you are a radiant natural beauty. Pregnancy looks beautiful on you”.
  • “You are beautiful!! Wishing you both all the best with the new baby!”
  • “Y’all are the cutest!! Praying for you and your little pumpkin”.


A few fans also left questions they have about the baby on the way. They asked if the Duggar couple has a name picked out yet. Though Josiah and Lauren have chosen a name for their baby girl, they have yet to share it with the world. At this point, fans are thinking that they will share the name once the baby arrives.

Then, a fan asked about Lauren’s due date. The baby should be here in November, along with a couple of her cousins. Anna and Kendra are also due in November.

Lauren Duggar’s pregnancy

Prior to getting pregnant this time, Lauren suffered a tragic miscarriage. She and Josiah opened up to fans about the news. Then, shortly after they shared about the miscarriage, they announced that they are expecting their rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a baby that comes after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

The Duggar family seems overjoyed that Lauren is pregnant again. Recently, Lauren celebrated at her baby shower. She shared pictures from the special day. Throughout her pregnancy, Lauren has been documenting her growing baby bump.


So far, it seems like everything is going as planned. The baby should arrive next month. At this point, Josiah and Lauren haven’t given any news about the baby’s health or any other concerns. Fans are assuming that no news is good news. Earlier in the pregnancy, Lauren did say, “This pregnancy hasn’t been easy.” Since then, she hasn’t expanded on that.

What do you think of these sweet new pictures of the expectant Duggar couple? Leave a comment below!

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