‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Upset Over Len Goodman Telling Ally Brooke Not to Touch Him

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This week on Dancing With the Stars Len Goodman made a comment that really upset a few fans. Len is known for saying what the thinks. Pop Culture shared about what fans are saying about Len telling Ally Brooke not to touch him.

Dancing With the Stars’ Len Goodman’s comment

Former Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke performed on Monday night. At the end of the dance, she felt the need to give Len a high-five. This shouldn’t have been a big deal, but it is now. That is because of how he reacted. He was overheard saying “Don’t get overwhelmed. And don’t touch me again.” She replied saying, “I gave you a high-five.”


It was obvious that Ally didn’t mean to upset Len Goodman at all. Fans were mad over it and went to social networks. Nobody feels like he should have treated her that way.

What did fans have to say?

Some fans feel like it might be time to get rid of Len Goodman. Considering he was rude to Ally maybe he will do it to other contestants, too. Here are a few comments from the DWTS Facebook page.

  • Jennifer Lawson – Love this show, it has always been a favorite of mine but Len Goodman is ruining it this season and I usually love him. This has been the dullest season so far.
  • Bonnie Kozak Curry – Len! I’ve always had the utmost respect for you but tonight you REALLY disappointed. “Don’t touch me again.” Was it really necessary to be so incredibly harsh? Come on Len. If you wanted Ally to get the message, you couldn’t have handled it off camera? She must have been very hurt and embarrassed by that public comment….despite your praise of her performance. Poor girl. She was overwhelmed with happiness and so thrilled that she pleased you….only to be harshly chided for her exuberance. SMH.
  • Weindler-Mahnke Debra – This was incredible…Len is such an old grump! The scoring is absurd since Bobby won everyone will suffer. A few years ago there was an amazing dancer from 5th harmony..Normandi …she should of won! Ally is so good

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