‘The Bachelor’ If Hannah Brown Returns, She Could Really Hurt Peter

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Peter Weber has taken on the role of The Bachelor. This comes shortly after he competed for Hannah Brown’s heart on The Bachelorette. Now, sources are opening up on what would happen if she came onto his show.

Hannah Brown on ‘The Bachelor’

It’s no secret The Bachelor franchise likes to throw curveballs at fans. That’s why some speculated Hannah Brown might show back up on The Bachelor this season. She shut Peter down once, but she’s still single so it would make sense that she would try to win him back. In fact, according to Life&Style, she actually already did try to win him back real quick.

“Once the show was over, there was interest expressed from her, and he just said, ‘I’m not going to be number three,'” a source said about the situation.

This makes total sense. She already left Jed Wyatt and was shot down by Tyler Cameron. Who wants to be number three?


However, some think that maybe she would come back to win Peter’s heart. According to the source, that would probably be more painful to Peter than anything. In fact, it would probably open some new wounds. In all honesty, most people can’t see their ex again every time they try to move on. This would be so hard to go through when you’re finally trying to live for yourself.

“Peter was heartbroken when Hannah let him go. Her coming on The Bachelor would reopen a lot of wounds,” the source said.

While this would be such an interesting twist to the season, it would really be cruel to Peter and the other girls. How would the other girls compete against someone Peter never stopped having feelings for? Then, what if Hannah left Peter again. Then he would’ve completely wasted his shot at a wife. All in all, as good as it would be for viewers, it would be best for Hannah to stay away.

It doesn’t really seem like Hannah has an interest in coming anyway. She’s such a natural talent and has been competing so well on DWTS. I’m not sure she would want to leave that to go back for round three of The Bachelor. She should probably just stick to finding love the old fashion way. Or, maybe date her dance partner? Only time will tell.

Would you like to see Hannah Brown on Peter’s season of The Bachelor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to watch the season when it airs in January.

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