Duggar Fans Think It’s Time For Jana To Move Out

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Over the weekend, Jana Duggar revealed that she loves living with her parents. In a social media post, Jana wrote, “Love this place I get to call home! 🏡 💞.” Though the picture features a field rather than her parents’ home, fans in the comments section began talking about Jana living with her parents.

Currently, Jana is sharing a bedroom with some of her younger sisters. She is not interested in living on her own right now.

Because Jana still lives with her parents, fans of the family are starting to urge her to move out. In the comments section of her post, one fan wrote, “Have you ever even for a moment considered getting a home of your own and living your own life?”


Another fan added, “When you gonna grow up and leave? I mean you’re almost 30. You gonna play Cinderella your whole life?” One fan wrote, “Have you ever thought of moving out in your own? (I’m not asking in a rude manner — I lived at home with my family until was in my 30’s before I met my husband). In a way, I wish I would have the experience of feeling completely self-sufficient? … just curious is all … I don’t see anything wrong with staying where you are or anything. Family is everything for sure!”

It sounds like fans are excited to see what’s next for Jana. She seems very content where she is and doesn’t seem to want to rush into a relationship right now.

When might Jana Duggar move out and live on her own?

Jana is 29 years old. She is the only Duggar over 21 years old who has yet to get married and move out. So far, she has yet to be in a courtship either.

For years, there have been rumors that she is courting Lawson Bates of UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates. The Bates family is close with the Duggar family. Jana has denied those rumors multiple times. In addition, there has been speculation that Jana might be a lesbian and have some interest in the family’s friend, Laura DeMasie. Of course, those rumors have been denied as well. On one of Jana’s recent Instagram posts, a fan commented and said, “Lawson needs to be near you”.


When Jana joined Instagram, Duggar fans began speculating that a courtship or marriage was on the horizon. In reality, fans discovered that it isn’t a rule that the Counting On children only use social media once they’re married. In the past, all of the other Duggars have waited to use social media until they’ve tied the knot. It’s just been a coincidence. Jana is not in a relationship as far as fans know.

It doesn’t seem like Jana is in any hurry to get into a relationship or live on her own. According to an insider, Jim Bob and Michelle might be getting impatient and frustrated. Still, Jana is enjoying her life as it is and seems to be going with the flow.

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Don’t miss the Duggar family when they return to TLC for another season of Counting On on Tuesday, October 15. Stay tuned for more updates!

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