Duggar: Jill Dillard Is Mom-Shamed Once Again

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On Sunday, Jill Duggar Dillard shared a new post on social media. In this post, she shared her family’s dinner for the evening. She also included a video of her two sons, Israel and Samuel, eating their dinner outdoors. The final picture in the post was a screenshot of the recipe on her blog. The blog post is titled “Jeanne’s Sloppy Joes”. The recipe comes from a family friend.

In the comments section of Jill’s post, many of her followers left kind comments. They are saying how cute the boys look and how delicious the dinner must be. Some are saying that it’s a great idea for the boys to eat dinner outdoors.

Jill gets mom-shamed in the comments section

Of course, the grown Duggar daughter is getting a little bit of heat for something that fans are noticing in the picture and video. Jill’s younger son, Samuel, is using a bucket bib. A bucket bib is a bib that has a large pouch to catch food in. Fans don’t seem to have a problem with this. The problem is that fans also noticed that there is a second bib on the table in front of Israel. Israel is four years old.

In response to this realization, Jill is being mom-shamed. One follower writes, “Jill, I have a lot of respect for you & your choices. There is one thing that just drives me nuts!! It is those stinking bibs. Israel is waaay to big. I’ve raised 2 kids and have 5 grandchildren 7 and under. The twins are 2, and they are the only ones wearing bibs! Save his sweet dignity!!”

In addition, a fan left some unwanted advice for Jill. The follower wrote, “Not a criticism – I’m always looking for a way to bump up the nutrition content of our food – you could add a grated zucchini, two grated carrots and start with fresh onion, sautéed instead. Also substitute the ketchup with a can of tinned tomatoes or a jar of passata.”

At this point, Jill is not responding to these rude comments. She tends to stay out of it. Her husband, Derick, on the other hand, has gotten into it with fans in the past. So far, he is keeping his mouth shut.

This isn’t the first time Jill Duggar Dillard has been mom-shamed

Jill, along with the rest of the Duggar moms, have gotten their fair share of criticism. Most of the family members use their social media accounts often, which gives viewers a lot to critique. As it turns out, fans don’t always agree with the choices the family members make.

In the past, Jill has gotten some hate from fans of her family’s TV shows on TLC. Much of this criticism is about the way she raises her kids or the food she cooks.

Of course, Jill is not the only Duggar who gets mom-shamed by fans. Jessa Seewald is one who often gets criticism from her followers. She’s quick to defend herself and even snaps back sometimes. Joy-Anna Forsyth sometimes gets rude comments as well. Jessa has even swooped in to defend Joy-Anna in the past.

What do you think of the mom shame Jill is facing? Do you agree with those comments? Do you think fans should keep their thoughts to themselves? Leave a comment below!

Counting On returns to TLC on Tuesday, October 15.

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