‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Dean Unglert Didn’t Come To Paradise For Love

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Dean Unglert has quite a reputation, so when he actually found love on Bachelor in Paradise, it was extremely surprising, including for Dean. Apparently, he came to Paradise with no intention to become a boyfriend…at all. After all, he does live in a van.

So why come to Bachelor in Paradise?

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Dean only came to Paradise to have fun. He knew he wasn’t going to become a boyfriend. However, on his podcast, he also said why wouldn’t he go. He says you should never say no to anything. He’s not wrong. How could anyone say no to a summer-long vacation where your only job is to drink, flirt and have fun?

“It’s silly to say no to things,” Dean said. “I didn’t miss out on anything by not going, so what’s the point in not going? … It was a very well-known fact that me being on that beach was just there to have a good experience.”

Dean went on to say that he really just went to have fun with the producers and other cast members. It makes complete sense. However, his plan was foiled when he ended up in a relationship with one of Paradise’s leading ladies.


When Caelynn Miller-Keyes first got to Paradise, she was in a huge fight with Blake Horstmann. However, then Dean came in and kind of distracted her through it. Then of course, as he does, Dean left and Caelynn fell for someone else. Alls well that ends well though when Dean came back to be with Caelynn. They have been dating ever since.

What happened to Dean?

Dean was surprisingly even amazing with Caelynn at the Reunion of the BiP cast. She fought with Blake and it was pretty bad for her. She was even crying. However, Dean moved to sit by her and comforted her as she cried. That does not seem like the Dean that the Bachelor Nation fans have come to know. However, it’s so exciting that they both found a person that cares so much. They both deserve so much and are honestly so cute together.

Do you agree with Dean’s thinking on coming to Bachelor in Paradise? Are you glad he came or do you wish he stayed home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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