‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Chris Bukowski Misses Part Of Filming Because Of Sickness

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Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton paired off pretty early in the new season of Bachelor in Paradise. Now, Wells Adams is actually opening up about why viewers don’t see much of them all season.

Where have the BiP couple been?

A lot of fans have been left wondering where Chris and Katie were all season of Bachelor in Paradise. It was clear they liked each other, but until their recent date, they just kind of…weren’t there. When fans did get to check back in with them, they weren’t even all that happy, so it’s not like they were just so happy they didn’t make good TV (peep Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour).

However, Wells Adams actually has a lot of insight as to what happened and it really made sense. Wells told Women’s Health that Chris was actually sick for a big chunk of time. That means 1. he wasn’t getting filmed and 2. he and Katie didn’t get to spend a ton of time together.

“Chris got really sick in the middle of filming,” Wells, the BiP bartender, said. “He got a stomach bug, so he had to go and get fluids, and when that happens, you don’t want to shove someone out in the hot sun all day.”


So, instead of being outside all the time with everyone else, he was forced to stay indoors all the time. That put a literal wedge between him and his lady Katie Morton. That could also be why the two seemed to somehow end up on two different pages at the end of the season.

Little screen time for Chris and Katie

Unfortunately, this fever that Chris caught meant that neither of them got a ton of screen time. But, no one worry, it wasn’t because they were too boring or too happy or had a horrible connection. Chris just literally couldn’t be outside. Basically all of BiP takes place outside. Talk about a bad time to get sick. Its almost worse than being sick on an awesome vacation.

Were you sad to not see a lot of Chris and Katie? Let us know what you thought of the couple in the comments below. Be sure to watch the finale of Bachelor in Paradise. The reunion is right around the corner, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

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