‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers, Will Caelynn Miller-Keyes End up with Connor Saeli or Dean Unglert?

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Caelynn Miller-Keyes has been on a roller coaster this season of Bachelor in Paradise. She started with Blake Horstmann’s drama. Then, she moved on to Dean Unglert. Unfortunately, she was heartbroken when he ended things with her. Not that that came as any surprise to viewers. He clearly wants to do his own thing. Now, Caelynn has moved on to another suitor, but will it stay that way?

Who will Caelynn end up with on Bachelor in Paradise

Surprise surprise, Dean decided he didn’t want to be with Caelynn on Bachelor in Paradise. Dean already has a bad reputation and made it pretty clear he’s like a nomad right now. That doesn’t sound like someone that wants to be in a serious relationship.

Dean left the show and Caelynn started a new relationship with Connor Saeli. However, it seems it may not stay that way.

*DO NOT read on if you DON’T want Bachelor in Paradise spoilers!!*

According to Life & StyleCaelynn will begin to develop feelings for Connor, but ultimately she’s going to end up with Dean and his insane mustache.


Originally, Dean left Paradise because he knew he couldn’t be what Ceelynn wanted. (Side note, Dean, please stop coming on Bachelor Nation shows if you don’t actually want to date someone. Thanks.) He decided it better to leave sooner rather than later. Caelynn kind of knew Dean would pull something like this given his reputation and a talk they had earlier on Monday night’s episode.

“We get along amazingly and we spend every waking moment here but once we get out of here that won’t be the case … I don’t want to string you along this whole time,” Dean admitted originally.

Dean Comes Back…

Dean packs his bags and leaves but it sounds like that won’t be the end. He will actually be coming back during another rose ceremony to beg Caelynn to leave with him. Sounds like Caelynn’s relationship with Connor won’t be strong enough and she will leave with Dean. Poor Connor!

This is the classic Bachelor in Paradise storyline. There’s always one couple that goes through this so it’s honestly no surprise.

Hopefully, Dean can get his life together for Caelynn and actually make her as happy as she deserves to be. Poor Connor will just be collateral damage in all of this. Again, another classic Bachelor in Paradise story.

Do you want to see Caelynn with Connor or Dean? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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