‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Wrapped Shooting, When Does Season 9 Start?

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Jane Kilcher just posted that Alaska the Last Frontier completed filming on Friday. When should we expect Season 9 to start on Discovery?


Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 9 In The Can

Jane Kilcher has posted on Facebook that they just completed filming Season 9 of Alaska: The Last Frontier. Calling it one of her favorite seasons ever, it promises more stories of their life on the Alaskan homestead. She has not posted many photos on social media, but she has indicated she is taking a special fishing trip to a beautiful spot. That should be wonderful!

Filming of the Discovery show starts sometime in February and ends in August. That is about seven months of camera crews following the various Kilcher family members around the homestead and beyond.

The homestead was started by Yule Kilcher and his bride Ruth in the late 1930s. The two left Switzerland and made their way to Alaska. They chose to live their life in Homer, near the shores of Kachemak Bay. They raised their family in a one room house. They farmed and fished for salmon. The Kilcher family still lives on the hundreds of acres that Yule Kilcher cultivated.

When Does Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 9 Start?

Below Jane Kilcher’s Facebook post, a fan asked when Season 9 starts. Jane Kilcher responded: “I think the first Sunday in October we are airing our new season. It’s a fun one!” Based on Jane Kilcher’s reply, this would mean Alaska: The Last Frontier would start on October 6 on Discovery.

As for the amount of episodes this season, fans will need to wait. Last season, there were only 17 episodes. Most of the previous seasons included 20 episodes. So, it could be safely assumed that there will be 17-20 episodes for Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 9.


Is Jewel Is Back For Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 9?

Singer, actress and entrepreneur Jewel Kilcher is indeed returning back to the family homestead for Season 9. She has already posted photos of her son Kase Townes Murray and brother Atz Lee Kilcher, showing off their fishing skills. Ok mother and son were successful, but Uncle Atz Lee cheered on his nephew’s success.

Since Jewel is visiting, how about some music? On August 6, Jewel, Atz, Atz Lee, Nikos, Steve Polz, and Zac Brown all performed in Homer, Alaska. Jane and Charlotte did share some Facebook live video and behind the scenes shots before the show. Since the filming did not wrap until a week after the show, it could easily be expected that there will be some of this concert on the show this season.

Jewel started singing and yodeling as a child. She and her father Atz would perform live. Eventually, Jewel went on her own and wound up living in a car before finding success in the music industry. By returning back to Homer and performing with her family, she has come full circle.

Jewel’s brother Atz Lee also has musical talent. When he was younger, he had left the homestead to pursue a musical career. Turns out, he missed the life he left behind. But thanks to the Discovery show, he can still perform music to appreciative crowds and still live in the homestead with his beloved Jane.


Alaska: The Last Frontier fans, are you ready for Season 9? What is your favorite part of the show? Please share your comments and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest on the show. Alaska: The Last Frontier should start on Sunday, October 6, on Discovery.

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  1. My all time favourite show, are we going to get another season, I hope so, love all the kilcher women they are so strong and just getting on with it.

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