‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Blake Horstmann Bashed On Recent Instagram Post

Bachelor in Paradise from Instagram

Blake Horstmann is on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise and he’s already made quite the reputation for himself. Fans are not happy with the love triangle he’s part of and they are making it very clear on his recent Instagram post.

Bachelor in Paradise drama

To start, Blake Horstmann told Caelynn Miller-Keyes that he hooked up with her and his ex-girlfriend, Kristina Schulman. That alone isn’t a huge deal. However, Blake also reveals it all happened on back to back nights. Bachelor in Paradise fans are less than impressed with his behavior so far on the season.

On a recent Instagram post, the comments are full of hate towards Blake. Many fans are noting that he was their favorite on Becca’s season, but now they don’t like him at all. Others want to know what happened to him since his time on The Bachelorette.

“Blake! What happened to you!? You were the nice sweet guy from Becca’s season and I so wanted you to win. This episode ruined it for me 🙁 I hope you redeem yourself,” one person commented.

“Oh my god you were my favorite on Becca’s season. What a clown,” another added including two laughing face emojis.

“Wow, Blake. This is really, really sad. Hope you can make amends to these women,” someone else wrote in the comments.

The post itself was about how Blake worked in construction, making it clear that fans were looking for any chance to bash Blake. Some noted it may be best to turn off the comment section on the post because of just how much hate he was getting.


“I think this is where you turn your comments off,” someone noted on his Instagram post.

How will the season turn out?

There’s no telling exactly how the rest of the season will go for Blake. He may have completely ruined his reputation and chances of finding love. However, it’s well known he’s one of the cutest guys there, so he may be able to worm his way back in with someone by the time the season ends. There’s just no telling what will come of Paradise this season.

What do you think of Blake’s behavior on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to continue to watch the new season to figure out exactly what will happen with Blake and all his ladies on the remainder of the season.

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