‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2019: Texts From Caelynn Miller-Keyes To Blake Horstmann Prove Details

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Bachelor in Paradise 2019 is going on full-force. Now, Reality Steve has shared texts between Blake Horstmann and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. These prove a bit about what happened between these two. Check out what he had to say below.

Reality Steve shares Bachelor in Paradise texts

Reality Steve went to Twitter tonight and shared these texts. The first message said, “I knew something wasn’t adding up. Caelynn is flat out admitting it was just sex on text AND wanting it again. Then she comes in the show and says all that? Oh boy.”

The next post from Reality Steve shared the actual text messages. These were texts between Caelynn and Blake of Bachelor in Paradise.

Texts share big details

These texts share big details about what went down between Caelynn and Blake. So far on Bachelor in Paradise this season she has made it very clear that she is not a fan of him. Blake and Caelynn did hook up before the show. She has made it sound like they were actually a couple.

This new evidence makes it look like it wasn’t as serious as she is making it out to be. Reality Steve has felt this entire season like part of the story was missing. Now, fans know what was missing from the story. This explains a bit more about what actually happened.

One thing is that it is very clear that they were discussing hooking up. That is not what Caelynn is making it sound like. Steve went on to explain more saying, “I don’t care about Caelynn coming on to Blake and initiating it at Stagecoach. Good for her. It’s about her acting on the show that she was ghosted & saying he tried to hide it when that clearly wasn’t the case. She was perfectly fine a week before coming on the show.” Then Steve said, “I wanna hear from Caelynn why she was saying on the show she was ghosted when it’s clear they were speaking a week before the show saying everything was cool and they were gonna be honest. So if Caelynn got a shitty edit, she needs to say so.”

Blake released the messages. Check out the video below sharing what he said.

Are you shocked by these texts between Blake Horstmann and Caelynn Miller-Keyes? Share your thoughts in the texts below. Don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.

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