‘The Bachelor’ 2020: Hannah B Shares Thoughts on If Tyler C Is Cast ‘Bachelor’

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Last night Hannah B had her big finale of The Bachelorette 2019. Things didn’t work out with Jed Wyatt. After that, she asked Tyler C if he would like to go for a drink. He told her he would, but it doesn’t seem to have happened yet. There is even a bit of speculation that he is friend-zoning her.

What if Tyler is The Bachelor 2020?

There won’t be a new season of The Bachelor air until January of 2020. This has fans wondering who will end up being cast. Well, if Tyler C is still single he is obviously still in the running.

Us Weekly shared Hannah B’s thoughts on Tyler being cast as The Bachelor. She did ask him out, but they are both still single at this point. Here is what Hannah had to say.

“I think it would be a little hard to see him as the Bachelor because there’s still feelings there, but I would support him in his happiness. I think that the main thing is figuring out what will make both of us happy, and if that’s for him to go on and to have the [opportunity] to be the Bachelor, I would support him in finding his happiness, just like he supported me with Jed [Wyatt].”

It has just been two months since Hannah and Jed got engaged. So that means, it wasn’t long ago that she dumped Tyler either.


Who will be handing out roses next?

Right now there is a lot of speculation about who will be cast as The Bachelor. There is a chance it could be Tyler. There is also a lot of talk about Mike from Hannah B’s season being on the show. Reality Steve shared that he thinks it could end up being someone from this season of Bachelor in Paradise. More than likely it will be all about whoever America is screaming they want on the show.

Do you think that Tyler C will end up being The Bachelor? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t miss Bachelor in Paradise when it airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC starting next week.

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