‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Preview: First Same Sex Relationship

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Bachelor in Paradise is right around the corner. It will show twice a week every week, so it’s a pretty big deal. In addition, USA Today reports that during the preview for the new season, this season will make Bachelor Nation history.

Demi Burnett Makes ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ History

Demi Burnett was definitely a woman of controversy when she was on the most recent season of The Bachelor. Now, she’s a part of Bachelor Nation history because of who she is dating.

It came out a while ago that Demi is actually bi-sexual. In the trailer for the new season, Demi says that she loves a woman and she doesn’t care who sees it. According to USA Today, it’s not clear who the contestant is she is with. However, a while back it did come out that she was bi-sexual and even who she was dating.

According to Marie Claire, the woman is Kristian Haggerty. They also say she’s actually the contestant Demi will be with during Paradise. This may come as a shock to some fans. Usually, it’s only recent Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants that make their way to Paradise. It isn’t usually someone’s first time on the show when they come to Paradise.

Big changes for BIP

Although there have been bi-sexual people on the show in the past, this will be the first on-camera same-sex relationship. This is a pretty huge deal for fans everywhere.

It will be a big season for other contestants too. Dean Unglert said for the first time in four seasons, he actually stayed sober the whole time he was on the show. Apparently, he says this time he doesn’t have to worry about saying something stupid on camera due to drinking too much. He also says this is the first time he has felt really good after getting off the show.

It’s still unconfirmed on if he really is dating Caelynn Miller-Keyes like suspected. Only time will tell for certain!

What do you think about the same-sex couple that will be in Paradise? Are you annoyed someone will be on the show that’s not part of the franchise? Let us know in the comments!

Also, be sure to watch The Bachelorette as it wraps up. Hannah is so close to picking the love of her life, you don’t want to miss out.

After that, watch Bachelor in Paradise. It’s a Bachelor Nation summer to remember!

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