‘Married at First Sight’ Star Jamie Otis Meets Her Father’s Family

Jamie Otis from Instagram Married at First Sight

Jamie Otis of Married at First Sight never got to know her father before he passed away. Jamie and her mom have had a very up and down relationship. Jamie recently went to her Instagram to share that she finally got the chance to meet some of her family from her father’s side.

Jamie Otis shares about meeting family

Jamie Otis went to her Instagram to share about going to meet her family. This was very important to her. Along with her, Jamie took her husband Doug Hehner and also their daughter.


As you can see in this post, Jamie never met her father. She was able to meet her aunt and then get to know more of her father’s family. This is important to her.

Doug Hehner speaks out as well

Doug Hehner is also speaking out about his wife Jamie Otis and her big trip to meet the family. He went along with her. Check out what Doug shared on his Instagram post.  It is obvious that he is proud of his wife. Fans love seeing all of the support that he gives her.


Jamie and Doug had a rough marriage at first. The couple got married at first sight. She was unsure that he was the one for her. Eventually, Jamie Otis fell in love with him and they are now living their happily ever after. Everything turned out great for the couple. If you don’t remember, Jamie tried to find love on The Bachelor first, but that didn’t work out for her either.

Are you surprised to see that Jamie Otis went and met her father’s side of the family? Share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t miss new episodes of Married at First Sight on Lifetime. They air on Wednesday nights each week.

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