‘Pawn Stars’ Catch Mark May’s Super Bowl Ring Thief!

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On Monday, it was reported that the crew at Pawn Stars have been doing a bit more than their usual bartering. They have just nabbed a thief who stole two Super Bowl rings from ESPN analyst and former Washington Redskins, Mark May. What exactly went down earlier this week?

Super Bowl Rings Stolen

ESPN analyst and Washington Redskins Super Bowl Champion Mark May had lost both of his gold and diamond Super Bowl rings earlier this year. The last time he remembered wearing them was back in February. He told ABC15 that he remembered wearing them at a Scottsdale, Arizona charity event. He was staying at the Sheraton hotel at the intersection of 52 and Broadway. Turns out, he left the rings, along with some watches, in his hotel safe.

The jewelry was not found until April when hotel staff found them left in a Sheraton Hotel room safe. The staff brought the jewelry to the hotel lead engineer, Marcel Behnert.

Thief Brought Them To The Pawn Stars Shop

For over two months, Behnert had the jewelry. It was not clear if he had tried to sell it or was wrestling with a guilty conscious. Whatever the case, he decided to cross state lines and head to the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is where Pawn Stars is filmed.

On July 2, May got a phone call from a guy called Diamond Don. Turns out he is one of the experts that Rick Harrison uses at his pawnshop. Behnert had brought in the two Super Bowl rings and only asked for $12,000 for the pair. This red flag instantly caught the attention of pawn broker and the manager of the shop, Andy Zimmerman. Anyone who has watched Pawn Stars knows that the value of Super Bowl rings far exceeds that price.

Zimmerman told the pawnbroker working with Marcel Behnert to offer less money. The seller accepted that lowball offer. Zimmerman stated that this “led me to believe even further that there was a problem.” Zimmerman contacted Diamond Don to consult on this sale. Diamond Don in turn, contacted Mark May and confirmed that these were indeed his missing rings.

Then again, there was a telltale sign that these were May’s rings. His name was engraved in both of them. Zimmerman explained the this made it easier for the shop to do their “due diligence.” Nonetheless, they were double-checking.

They told the seller to come back to finalize the sale. When Marcel Behnert arrived, undercover officers were there waiting for him. Since then, they found the watches in Behnert’s safe. May is planning on picking up his prized Super Bowl rings from the Vegas police next week.

Just Another Day At Pawn Stars

This was just another day for the crime-fighting pawnbrokers who star in Pawn Stars. May complimented the Las Vegas police work, the alertness of the Pawn Stars employees and Diamond Don for being so careful to check the provenance of the rings. He pointed out that pawnshops are careful to not accept items without proof of ownership or a receipt. May thought that his prized possessions were “gone forever.” Instead, “greed and stupidity” ruled, as this dumb crook went to the most famous pawn shop in the world.

What is going on with Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Chumlee? Right now, they are getting ready to celebrate 10 years of the History Channel show. Chumlee is currently in Hawaii, swimming, training and getting ready for wedding number two.

What do you think of this dumb thief? Share your opinions in the comment field. Check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest with the Pawn Stars. Don’t forget to watch new, one-hour episodes of Pawn Stars Season 16 on Monday nights, on the History Channel.

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