Duggar: Amy King Shares Hilarious Pregnancy Post

Amy Duggar King Instagram

Currently, there are several Duggar women expecting babies later this year. This includes Lauren, Kendra, and Anna. They are all due in November. Joy was also pregnant but tragically lost her baby 20 weeks into her pregnancy. Jessa recently gave birth to her third child, Ivy. In addition, their cousin Amy King is pregnant with her first child. Her baby boy should be born in October.

Throughout her pregnancy, Amy has been pretty real about the ups and the downs. She posts about her baby kicking her and keeping her up all night. Of course, she also shares the happy moments, like going nursery shopping and cute baby bump photos.

In a recent Instagram post, Amy shared a photo of herself holding a letter board. The letter board reads, “3AM. Time to go all Kung Fu Panda on mom’s bladder.”

In her caption, she also shared a funny conversation she had with her husband Dillon King. She writes,

Real life conversations at 3am:

Him: Why can’t you sleep?

Me: ummm he’s tap dancing on my rib cage…

Him: So?? Babe , just go to sleep…

Me: I CAN’T!!!

Him: But whyyyy???

Me: ughhhh”


She ends her hilarious post by saying, “Love my little ninja kicking machine”. Even though the baby has been keeping her up, Amy seems to be keeping things positive.

Anna, who is also pregnant, replied to Amy’s post. She wrote, “This is hilarious… And so true!” Anna is currently expecting her sixth child so she has definitely experienced this at some point too.

In the comments, fans are agreeing with Amy’s post and saying that it’s happened to them too. It seems like Amy shared a very relatable pregnancy moment with her fans.

Amy Duggar King’s pregnancy

On Easter Sunday, Amy and Dillon shared that they are expecting their first child together. The two have been married since September 2015. In their announcement post on social media, they wrote, “BABY KING IS ON THE WAY!!! Happy Easter from our growing family to yours!!

Last week, Amy posted a new baby bump photo. In the post, she also shared that she was going nursery shopping. Fans are excited to see the nursery once it’s fully decorated.


What do you think of Amy’s recent post? Have you been keeping up with her pregnancy via Instagram? Leave a comment below!

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