Duggar: Derick Dillard Claims Jill Went To College

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Former Counting On star Derick Dillard is known for getting into trouble on social media. His wife, Jill Duggar Dillard, also faces backlash on social media. Derick definitely seems to take things a bit further though. One incident, where he made some rude comments about Jazz Jennings from TLC, actually got his wife and children kicked off Counting On.

Based on his prior incidents, fans believe that Derick should be a little more cautious on social media. He seems to be constantly under fire for the things he says. Still, that hasn’t stopped him. Earlier this week, he shared a post on Instagram, which then sparked an interesting conversation in the comments section.

Derick claims Jill has a higher education

On Instagram, Derick recently shared a few family photos with the caption, “Enjoyed celebrating the long 4th of July weekend with the fam in Little Rock!


In the comments, someone randomly asked if Jill had attended college. Derick simply responded, “yes” with a smiley face. When the original commenter asked what Jill had taken, Derick wrote back, “Systematic Theology, Old Testament, New Testament, etc….

Then, someone else chimed in and said, “That is not higher education that’s bible class lol”. Derick said, “so if someone has a degree in theology they have no higher education?!

In the comments that followed, users are arguing whether this counts as college or not. It seems that everyone is somewhat confused. Derick has stopped replying to the comments under that post.

Then, someone mentioned that Jill was a midwife. Another commenter clarified this and said, “she is no credited midwife, she didn’t go to any sort of nursing school or College, and the midwife Jill was practicing under had her own licence revoked due to unsafe practice. She is only a ‘midwife’ to her sisters who are willing to risk their lives in childbirth lol.

Education in the Duggar home

In the Duggar family, the children don’t attend college. They are homeschooled by their mother, Michelle, who has homeschooled all 19 of the Duggar children. Then, the kids receive their GED. That’s the extent of the kids’ education for the Counting On family.

The family is very conservative and follows a fundamentalist Christian lifestyle. The women are expected to have many children and stay home. The men are expected to work and provide for their families. When Jim Bob and Michelle met, they both decided not to go to college. Jim Bob did choose to get his real estate license though. Some of the men have chosen to work with him.

At one point, Michelle mentioned that the kids can take online college courses, but they don’t attend college. Last year, she spoke with InTouch Weekly and said, “The great thing about it is it’s a distance learning program, for the most part, and then you have a coach who will come alongside you and assist you in studying and preparing for your courses.”

Then, she continued, “Taking the courses online works with your schedule so that you’re still able to work or pursue other experiences while studying. Also, the cost is minimal compared to the brick-and-mortar universities, and as a large family with a debt-free policy we’ve been really pleased with that.”

From Derick is saying, it seems like he believes this is higher education. One fan in the comments defended Derick, saying “Anything after high school is considered higher education“.

What do you think of what Derick has to say? Do you agree that Jill has a higher education? Leave a comment below.

Catch the rest of the Duggar family on Counting On on TLC this fall. A premiere date has yet to be announced so stay tuned.

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