Debby Ryan Reveals Statement Days After Cameron Boyce Death

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The news broke recently that Cameron Boyce passed away. It was shocking news to everyone that the Disney star died at the young age of 20. His Jessie co-star Debby Ryan didn’t say anything at first. Yesterday she shared a video with a broken heart on her Instagram page. Today she has finally put out a statement.

Debby Ryan’s statement

Debby Ryan put out her statement today on Instagram. It is one of total heartbreak. This has not been easy on her and Cameron Boyce was a dear friend. Here is what Debby Ryan had to say about the loss.

It obviously took Debby a few days to put into words how she was feeling. This couldn’t have been easy for her at all. The fans have been waiting to hear from Debby Ryan because they knew that this couldn’t be easy on her.

What happened to Cameron Boyce?

Cameron Boyce died at the young age of 2o after having a seizure. At first, his parents were not sharing a lot of details about what happened. Now they have shared that he had epilepsy. Right now, the family is asking for privacy as they plan the funeral. This was totally unexpected. Cameron had several acting roles planned in the next year. One role he was working on was for the show Mrs. Fletcher that is coming to HBO.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office spokeswoman Sarah Ardalani told CNN, “The case is currently deferred pending further investigation. We hope to have results and the cause of death within six to eight weeks.” The fans are really curious to hear if anything else happened, but his family is being open now.

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