‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2019 Spoilers: Drama Kicks Off In Episode 1

'Bachelor in Paradise' Host Chris Harrison Via Instagram

It’s almost time for the long-awaited Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. Chris Harrison is still the returning host for the new season in Mexico. He is accompanied by Bachelorette alumni Wells Adams, who is the returning bartender. Paradise has seen several successful relationships. However, to get to the good part there always seems to be drama. Episode 1 is already stirring tons of that up!


Reality Steve shares Bachelor in Paradise spoilers and drama

Reality Steve is right on track with giving eager fans information on who is on this season of Bachelor in Paradise and what is going down. He recently revealed what happens in the first episode. As previously discussed, Blake Horstmann is hugely responsible for a big portion of the drama this season.

Blake is given the first date card of the season and uses it to ask out Tayshia Adams. She accepted and the two went out. The following day Kristina Schulman arrives and is given a date card. She uses the card to ask out Blake. Keep in mind Blake and Kristina had previously dated and parted ways.

What did Blake do?

Just to recap quickly, Blake reportedly slept with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina at Stagecoach. He also hung out with Tayshia during this time as well. To add even more fuel to the fire, Blake had recently traveled to Alabama to spend time with Hannah Godwin. Did the two have intentions to meet up in Paradise?

According to Steve, Blake will shed many tears this season and be remorseful for the things he has done. Will it be enough to win a girl over and for him to find love?


There is still more drama to come

Clay Harbor from Becca’s season is also one of the original cast members this season. He is given a date card and asks out Nicole Lopez-Alvar. This is where more drama occurs. Prior to the rose ceremony, Annaliese Puccini, from Arie’s season, confronts Clay about his intentions.

Annaliese is friends with Clay’s ex-girlfriend Angela. She feels that Clay dumped Angela just to come to Paradise. So far Steve has not shared how Clay responded to her accusations.


Annaliese has her eyes on Chris

After saying he would never be back, Chris Bukowski has come out of Bachelor retirement and is one of the original cast members this season. Annaliese tells Chris at the cocktail party that he is the only one she wants to be with. He does not seem too excited about this revelation and did not want to get attached to anyone so quickly.

Chris did not give his rose to Annaliese. The first rose ceremony consisted of men handing out the roses. The recipients were: Clay to Nicole, Kevin to Sydney, Blake to Tayshia, Cam to Caelynn, John Paul Jones to Onyeka, Wills to Katie, Derek to Demi, Chris B. to Kristina and Dylan to Hannah G.

Bibiana Julian, Annaliese Puccini, and Jane Aver were all sent home at this rose ceremony. There is certainly more drama and more surprises to come as the season goes on. The season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise will be a two-night event, August 5 and 6, on ABC.


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