‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: Reality Steve Shares About Jed Wyatt’s Second Girl

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The fans of The Bachelorette 2019 have heard all about how Jed Wyatt had a girlfriend back home. He was dating a girl named Haley when he left for the show. She says that before he left he told her that he was only doing the show for his music career. She even thought that Jed was coming back to be with her, but instead, he ghosted her.

The Bachelorette star had a second girl

Reality Steve is now revealing that The Bachelorette star had another girl. There are text messages, but he isn’t sharing them. The girl didn’t want her name revealed but did tell Steve that he could share the texts. Since Hannah and Jed already split, he decided not to do that to Hannah.

There are texts from February 3 to this girl. These texts basically ask the girl to make out and they make plans to spend the rest of the evening together. The next day he thanked her for their time together.


Steve says that in these texts it is obvious they slept together. Reality Steve doesn’t say exactly what was said, but they seemed to have a fun time. Steve says that this girl knew she wasn’t dating Jed. She was aware that they were just hooking up. The thing is he had a girlfriend at the time. This girl also didn’t know that he was joining The Bachelorette.

Haley didn’t even know about her

Haley thought that she was the only girl in Jed’s life. If you listen to the podcast that Reality Steve did with her, he actually was the one that let this news slip to her. Steve thought that they were talking about the same thing and mentioned Jed’s other girl. Haley then realized what he meant and was shocked that there was someone else in his life.

So far, these are the only two girls to come out that they were with Jed Wyatt before the show. It isn’t a big deal that he was sleeping with someone a month before going on television. The thing is it that he actually was doing it while he had a girlfriend.

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