Duggar: Source Shares New Information On Josh’s Past

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If you’re a Duggar fan, you probably remember when Josh Duggar admitted to molesting a total of five girls including four of his sisters and one other girl. The incidents actually happened in the early 2000s. They just weren’t revealed until 2015. Jill and Jessa Duggar both said that Josh had molested them.

Since the initial news came out a few years ago, not many updates have been shared publicly. Recently, a source spoke exclusively to Radar Online. This source shared some further information about the scandal. The source is a resident of Arkansas and also went to church with the Duggar family at the time of the scandal.

Apparently, shortly after the incident happened in the early 2000s, Jill Duggar was struggling and confided in a friend. The source said, “Jill was having a really rough day not long after that and she ran into a room crying, ‘Josh did something really bad.'”

Then, the source added, “All the girls were just struggling on how to deal with it.” Jim Bob and Michelle decided not to allow Josh to be around any of the children at the family’s church. The source said, “There was a lot of fear going on. Jim Bob would look really sad and burdened whenever it came up.”

The source also shared that Josh had a bad reputation when he was a teenager. This is because of the scandal. The source even shared that the family tried to cover up the scandal by hiring lawyers.

The source said that the Duggar daughters affected were taught to “genuinely forgive and want to forget.”

Josh and Anna Duggar are still married

Josh married Anna on September 26, 2008. The information about the scandal was released after they had already been married for 7 years. It’s unclear whether Anna knew about this prior to marrying Josh. It’s also unknown whether she found out before the news went public.

In addition to that incident, Josh’s information was found on Ashley Madison. This is a website that was made for finding women to have extramarital affairs with. He had two paid subscriptions on the website. This news broke just a few months after he admitted to the molestation scandal.

Based on those two incidents, fans urged Anna to get a divorce. As of right now, the couple is still married and expecting another child. In a recent Instagram post on her birthday, Anna said, “11 years ago today I said, ‘Yes!’ to the man of my dreams! So grateful for God’s grace and redemption over our family!”


Then, the Duggar family’s cousin, Amy King, commented, “Love you sweet girl, you’re brave, you are forgiving, a great momma , and stronger than I could ever be.” Fans thought that Amy may be throwing shade at Josh for his past mistakes.

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  1. Anna shared on the program that Josh HAD, in fact, told her and her family about the molestation while the two were still courting. I think it’s also important to remember that he was a young teen – NOT an adult as most people think. and while none of that excuses his actions, I’m sure most adults would agree that being judged as an adult on things we did as children is….scary and generally unfair. As far as the Ashley Madison website and the affair; that is between Josh and his wife to decide how to deal with it.

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