‘The Bachelorette’ Alumni Compares Hannah Brown’s Relationship to Netflix Movie

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The Bachelorette alum, Rachel Lindsay, made an interesting comparison while talking about Hannah Brown. More specifically, Hannah’s relationship with Luke P. The one no one likes.

Rachel Lindsay talks The Bachelorette

According to Us Weekly, Rachel Linsday is talking about Hannah and Luke. Their relationship is anything but good. Many fans have been left wondering how he’s still there. Not only is he possessive, but he comes off straight crazy. Hopefully Hannah comes to her senses soon.

First off, Rachel made it clear she thinks Luke would become abusive in a relationship. This is already apparent by his possessive ways. However, it’s scary knowing Hannah is spending so much time with him and continuing to give him chances.

Rachel also mentioned that there are so many wonderful men there. Why stick around with someone like Luke?


Rachel is definitely not a fan with how much physical action has been going on with Hannah and her men either. Of course, this is totally up to Hannah. However, Rachel doesn’t think this is the best way to get to know someone.

“It’s not love its Lust with him. And …. how can she make out with every guy back to back and let them continue to pour out there [sic] hearts. More conversation and less ‘love acting’ please and thank you.” Rachel said.

How does this compare to Netflix?

Then, she made her comparison to the hit Netflix movie, Bird Box. In that movie, there are some people that can look at the monsters and still survive whereas everyone else sees the monster and dies.

Rachel said Hannah from The Bachelorette is like those people who can look at the monsters and survive it. That’s gotta hurt Hannah a little bit. She probably thinks she’s doing the right thing by letting people like Luke stay. Even though literally everyone else hates him, she has to see something good in him.

He made it another episode, but barely. Hannah gave Luke a rose at the rose ceremony and let him know that she could see the good in him. Hopefully, he can show everyone else soon. Things are not looking great for him and how he treats others.

What do you think of Luke P. on The Bachelorette? Do you agree with Rachel, or do you think Hannah should keep giving him chances? Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to watch new episodes every Monday night to see Hannah get closer and closer to finding true love.

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