‘Lucifer’ Spoilers: Season 5 Storyline Revealed!

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Lucifer Season 5 has not yet gone into production, but that doesn’t mean that the showrunners haven’t already shared some Lucifer spoilers! The writers look as if they already have a plan for Season 5. What have they already revealed?

Lucifer Spoilers For Season 5

Lucifer star Tom Ellis joined showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich on Instagram stories. They conducted a question and answer session where they shared some  Lucifer spoilers. This was shared before Lucifer was renewed for Season 5, as well as the revelation that the fifth season will be the finale season.

One fan question asked about the prophecy about God putting Chloe in Lucifer’s path. Ildy shared that they never really explained the prophecy. She shared that the prophecy is that “Evil being released is evil being released from Lucifer.” Some fans had previously assumed that evil would be released into the world. This is more about Lucifer Morningstar as a person.

Of course, fans want to know whether Lucifer and Chloe ever get together. After some hemming and hawing, Tom Ellis blurts out, “Of course they will.” Tom has long contended that their union is the end game of the show. Fans should rightly expect that in Season 5 there will be a union between the fated couple, as it is the final season.

But this may not happen until one major spoiler is resolved. The showrunners promise to explore what happens when Chloe finds out she is a gift from God. Of course they didn’t share any information as to how Chloe finds out she is a gift. Fans need to wait for that!


The Bullet Necklace

Fans also want to know if Chloe’s bullet necklace will be back. It is one of Ildy Modrovich’s favorites! She promises that it will be back for Season 5. Where has the bullet necklace been?

One fan question included whether to put ketchup in the fridge or the pantry. This baffled Tom Ellis, but this did produce a great many giggles. The giddy looseness of the star and the two showrunners could be an indication that fans don’t have to worry about Lucifer Season 5. The Lucifer writers are gathering together in early July to work on scripts and will start filming in August. They want to give Lucifans a love letter. These fans appreciate the care that this special group of people has gone into to ensure that they get the best story possible.

What do you think of the Lucifer Season 5 storylines? What do you want to see during Season 5? Share your ideas in the comment field. Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for all the latest in Lucifer news.

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  1. Leave Eve where ever she went.
    Finally bring Chloe and lucifer together. Even after/ if she finds out she is a gift from god. This news should seal the deal. Have a human/ celestial baby to play with Charlie. PLEASE

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