‘Lucifer’ Heading Towards Netflix Record, But Show Still Ending At Season 5

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Lucifer is heading towards a Netflix record for most watched series. This is further confusing Lucifans as to why the show would be ending at Season 5, despite this astonishing success.

Lucifer Is Headed Towards A Netflix Record!

Lucifer is just a week away from tying the record with Game of Thrones and two weeks away from smashing the record for most binged watched series according to The Binge Report. TV Time reports that Lucifer is at the top of the list with 5.06 percent of the binge sessions. Can Lucifer smash the record?

This news may fuel the fan support for a Lucifer Season 6. It has been two weeks since Netflix announced that Lucifer was renewed for Season 5, but it will be the final season. With so much success, fans are more confused as to why Netflix would end one of their most binge-watched shows. It would seem the opposite.

Lucifan Drew Eli tweeted their confusion by stating that they are “Still flabbergasted as to why the most watched show, with an amazing fan base still isn’t getting a Season 6 and beyond. I could get the reasoning if the show numbers had dwindled or something…c’mon @netflix revise your decision, you know you want to.”


Lucifans Are Signing A Lucifer Season 6 Petition

The Lucifam has been at odds with each other over Season 6. Many feel grateful that Lucifer was saved by Netflix last year and that they were able to get 20 additional episodes of their favorite show. They feel grateful that the writers can answer all questions and properly end the former Fox series. But, others feel that there is still a chance. Lauren German has encouraged fans to fight. Some have taken it further with a petition.

Some fans have taken this farther than hashtagging Lucifer Season 6 on social media. They have written a Change.org petition and over 58,000 have already signed it. According to Lee Morningstar, who has created this petition, they want to show Netflix that there are a lot of fans that care. They want Netflix to reconsider ending Lucifer. Could Netflix change their mind, or could another network pick up the popular show?

Lucifer Season 5 Is Series Last

Could another network pick up Lucifer? Cinema Blend points out that the odds of anyone else picking up series is “impossible.” They use the example of Daredevil and Luke Cage. Both series were canceled by Netflix but due to their “exclusive window,” another network could not use those Marvel characters for “at least” two more years after the finale episode. The odds of any network agreeing to this is null. It is not fair to the cast or crew to stop their lives and wait for two additional years. The publication also points out that a network would not even touch the series now that they still have not even begun production on the final season. Right now, fans and crew alike have to appreciate the Netflix record and know that they will be ending the show on top.


Lucifer fans, are you surprised that Lucifer is headed towards the record for the most binge-watched show? Have you been signing petitions or posting on social media? Please share your thoughts and comments. Lucifer Season 5 will air in spring 2020.

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  1. Yes I’m a big fan of Lucifer and would love for it to continue but me and my boyfriend Leroy would understand if Netflix can’t continue the show however I’m happy that there ending it with a season 5 at least its 1 of our favorite shows we love the Christian background that the show does

  2. Yes, I still hope for a Season 6! Even if Joe and Ildy write its conclusion, we have GOD as a character, who can give us an alternate universe for Season 6!

  3. I remember when this was on Fox, but didn’t watch it, but I noticed it on Netflix a couple of weeks ago. So, this past weekend I figured “what the Hell” and binged watched it. What a fun show with a great cast. However, I did notice the last season was more edgier & spicier than the primetime network seasons. This series is just getting better. Came here to say to Netflix: great job, thank you for Season 5 and am hoping for a Season 6!

  4. I love #Lucifer series, its the best series I’ve seen since the original Star Trek back in the 60’s. The cast does an awesome job of acting and there is a genuine charisma between them. I’ve enjoyed the humor, the actors do an awesome job, music in each episode which is perfect for each scene, the writing, even the camera work is great. I was so happy when Netflix picked up the series but I’m also very disappointed @Netflix that they are only giving the series season 4 and 5 and want to end it so soon. The problem with many series, IMHO, is most of them are just a re-hash of the same old same old! I’ll be 72 in a few months, I’m bored of the same doctor series. How many sit-coms have the same old flavor? Realty shows and talk shows got old many years ago, like soap opera’s. The Lucifer series is fresh in comparison to all that old stuff being shown. Its different than the few other series in the supernatural genre. Lead actor Tom Ellis does an amazing job of conveying the emotions of his character in his eyes and facial expressions. Even when he’s in the background of a scene he’s doing something with his character. For example, a scene where Detective Dan is complaining about someone stealing his pudding, Lucifer is way in the background hurrying to eat another of Dan’s puddings before he get caught. Its little things like that which make each episode fun and interesting. Netflix is shooting its self in the foot by ending the #Lucifer series so soon. I, among others, will un-subscribe from Netflix when this series is ended. Lucifer is the ONLY reason I subscribed to Netflix.

    1. Hahaha! I missed that scene! Which one is it that Lucifer is in the background eating Dan’s pudding? I’d love to see that!

      1. Honestly can’t remember which episode it was, think in season 3 when Dan was really complaining to Chloe about someone stealing his pudding. I laughed because Lucifer is hurriedly eating it near the fridge in the background and if Dan had turned to his right a little, he would have caught Lucifer, who was watching Dan as he quickly ate it and ready to drop it into the waste bin. Charlotte was around in that season and also stealing his pudding.

  5. Come on netflix!!!!! Whyyyyyy you cant end such a wonderful show so early. I have no doubt season 5 will be as awesome as the previous seasons but really ending on season 5!! Devils number is 6 gotta end it on 6. Or at least give us another 26 episodes for season 5. That would also be acceptable…

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