‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: Reality Steve Was Wrong, Reveals Who Hannah B Picks In End

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Reality Steve is known for sharing The Bachelorette spoilers. This season early on he shared big ones about who Hannah B picks in the end. He seemed pretty confident in his decision. Now, he is sharing that he was actually wrong and she picks someone else.

What did Steve originally share about The Bachelorette ending?

Originally Reality Steve shared that Hannah B picked Tyler and that these two were engaged. It turns out that this isn’t the case, though. At the time, Steve said that Jed got second. This left him in the running for the next guy to be cast as The Bachelor. That isn’t the case at all now, though.

Reality Steve reveals new spoilers

Now Reality Steve is sharing new spoilers for The Bachelorette. He says that he was wrong and that it turns out that Jed is the one she picks in the end. He is simply saying that the original information he had wasn’t as solid as he thought. Reality Steve isn’t even giving the fans any solid proof that it is Jed. Because of this, it is a bit hard to see her ending up with someone different than he originally said.

This leaves fans wondering if Reality Steve is even right about the spoilers at all now. He could be wrong once again, but for now, he seems pretty sure of his answer. In the past, Reality Steve has changed his answer about who is the winner. Every time he has done that he has been right. So if he is right again, then Hannah B chooses Jed in the end and these two are now engaged. Steve says that he has some very solid information to prove this, but he won’t share it.

Jed freely admitted on the show that he joined it to help his music career. He was honest with Hannah B and now it looks like he also got the girl. That sounds like a pretty great reason to go on reality television. Because he admitted this was why he joined the show, some fans will doubt this relationship though.

Are you shocked to hear that Reality Steve is admitting he is wrong about who Hannah B picked on The Bachelorette? Do you think he is right now? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights on ABC.

Mandy Robinson


    1. Clearly the ratings depend upon any bachelor or bachelorette keeping the drama-king/queen, which scares some of us into watching latter episodes. I thought Jeb was pretty thorough about sweeping her off of her feet when she was most vulnerable but Tyler has the leadership skills to last a lifetime!

  1. This year’s Bachelorette’s values are pretty antiquated. Wanting the men to battle over her with kilts on, on the football field, wrangling at the house. She wants honesty.. but talks of their private parts & can’t wait for Fantasy Suits she says… while we get to watch her ea. week cry & unfold her Drama Queen drama… straddling the guys & aggressively making out with them. Duh,.. 🙁

  2. I really think, Luke messed everything up, for all the guys, because some of them didn’t even get a chance to really talk to her, she was having to babysit
    Luke!!! I’m not sure I’ll watch it anymore!!

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