‘The Bachelorette’: Reality Steve Confirms if Luke P Comes Back to Propose

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The Bachelorette 2019 aired a new episode tonight with Hannah B. This was a large recap of what has already happened this season. At the end of the episode tonight, fans saw a preview that made them think that Luke P might come back and propose to Hannah B. Not everyone had the best reaction to this possibility.

Reality Steve shares about the preview

On tonight’s new episode, viewers saw a preview that left them wondering. Reality Steve went to his Twitter to share that everyone needs to remember previews aren’t always what they seem. Fans went a bit crazy about seeing this and thinking Luke could even be the one she picks in the end. Reality Steve has already spoiled that Luke won’t be the one she picks and he won’t even get a chance to pop the question. Steve does have a pretty great record of getting those spoilers right. You can see what Steve said below and also the pics of Colton that never aired on The Bachelor.

This was obviously filmed, but it doesn’t look like it will ever air on the show. They do love to play tricks on fans. Reality Steve has a point about a big part of last season’s preview that never aired.

Steve calls out other editing issues

Steve also shared something else earlier in the night about editing. He wanted everyone to realize that Hannah B did go back and film the part tonight where she was talking about the guys.  Here is what he had to say about it.

Fans are about halfway through the season and Luke P has made an impression on everyone. The issue is that it hasn’t been the best impression. Everyone does expect to see him again on Bachelor in Paradise in the future, though. They are already filming the upcoming season and it will start airing right after The Bachelorette is over.

Are you happy to hear that Luke P doesn’t return to propose to Hannah B according to Reality Steve? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights on ABCHannah B is getting close to revealing her final pick and hopefully finding love.

Mandy Robinson


  1. Luke P. needs to go. Everything would of been fine if, Hannah just didn’t give in to him. So, she cheated someone else from getting a rose.

  2. I would be insulted if i were one of the other bachelors besides Luke P!! The way she talks to them is so crazy. She is turning out crazy! I think all the guys should just walk out and leave her to Luke P.

  3. All of this senseless drama is Hannah’s fault regardless of what she may say or how often she sheds tears. She continues to keep Luke P (“P” is for the pits) and why? She keeps sending men home who deserve much more of a chance but continues to keep this waste of space. He cannot even get it right when he is on a one on one date with her because he is incapable of opening up to her and expressing sincere emotions. Why can’t she see that? I would’ve sent him home at that point. It is her choice. Just don’t keep crying about it, Hannah, and asking, “Why?” You are supposed to be an intelligent women, yet you cannot figure this one out? Oh for the love of God, come on….

  4. Most ‘ridiculous’ episode & Season with Bachelorette ever! Senseless, childish drama all the way thru & the same stuff over & over & over. No fun dates… no interesting conversation ( at all ) Just a ‘spoiled’ ex Beauty Queen who doesn’t want to finish cause it’s gotton too complicated for her… she professes “She can hardly wait to get to the Fantasy Suites.” Ugh!

  5. Most ‘ridiculous’ episode & Season with Bachelorette ever! Senseless, childish drama all the way thru with the same stuff over & over & over. No fun dates… no interesting conversation ( at all ) Just a ‘spoiled’ Ex Beauty Queen who doesn’t want to finish the Season probably cause she’s had her eye on one guy the whole Season but professes.. “She can hardly wait to get to the Fantasy Suites.” Ugh!!

  6. Bachelor Franchise needs to make some serious changes in their format or go on daytime SOAPS. Bad Scripting, Bad acting, Bad show anymore. Too bad… It once was a good show… gone way downhill.. & viewers are quitting.

  7. I have watched this show from the beginning. For one, there are too many candidates for the Bachelor or Bachelorette to chose from. How can you handle so many people, in such a short amount of time, and end up with a person as a possible mate? On top of everything else, why would you bungie jump naked on national television? All this jumping on top of people onto pool tables and massage tables makes it look like morals are lacking. They are supposed to be adults, but have high school teenagers maturity.

  8. I believe it was Mike that came back with the rose. I hope that Mike gets a chance to become the Bachelor. I mean we had our African American Rachel and now we need our African American Male. I hope they give him the opportunity. I honestly believe he will be a great Bachelor.

  9. I’m extremely disgusted with Hannah. She is the cause of her own frustration. Luke P is obviously a liar and a dangerous person. He becomes more aggressive with each episode. She invents what she wants to see in Luke, but definitely isn’t there. She’s listening to her heart, and not her head. So many good men have been sent home, while she clings to a jerk expecting him to change. Men don’t change! Hannah reminds me of a high school cheerleader chasing after the captain of the football team. She needs to grow up. She isn’t the least bit mature. I know that “Steve” has made his comments on what happens, but it may not actually turn out that way.

  10. Stop accepting musicians or singers on the show that are only there to promote themselves and have a platform!

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