‘Big Brother’ Season 21 Cast Announced

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Big Brother fans rejoice! Season 21 of the hit reality T.V. show is right around the corner. Now, they have released the cast list. It looks like it will be a pretty good season!

‘Big Brother’ List Announced

This season, the cast will consist of 16 members. All the member’s age, occupations and capabilities will differ as they always do. Once the season actually starts it will become clear who will be a floater and who will be overly competitive.


Until then, we do their names and some of their favorite hobbies according to Entertainment WeeklyHere’s a brief list and description of each person you will see make an appearance this season.

  1. Holly Allen: Holly is 31, from Wyoming and is most scared to get rid of her phone while in the house. Preach it, sister! She also dated Luke Pell from The Bachelorette.
  2. Tommy Bracco: Tommy is a 28-year-old Staton Island resident. Currently, he’s a Broadway dancer so he will probably be amazing at some of the HOH and veto games.
  3. Analyse Talavera: Meet Analyse, a 22-year-old from California. She’s pretty young so this will be a huge experience for her!
  4. Obvi Kabir: Obvi is another 22 year old. Is there a showmance in his future? He says he’s going to be wearing orange crocks…so maybe not.
  5. Jessica Milagros: Jessica is “30ish” according to her profile and is from the Windy City. She is scared of feeling lonely in the Big Brother house.
  6. Jack Mathews: Jack Mathews looks like he could probably be Thor if he wanted. However, he actually loves CrossFit and is from Chicago and Tampa.
  7. Nicole Anthony: Nicole is a 24-year-old preschool aid from Long Island. She definitely looks like she will be a lot of fun this season.
  8. David Alexander: David is a charismatic 29-year-old from Atlanta. he thinks he will miss his normal routine while he is living in the BB house.
  9. Christie Murphy: Christy is a 28-year-old originally from Staten Island. Christy loves outdoor activities so she will probably be pretty good at the whole competition.
  10. Sam Smith: Unfortunately this is not the famous Sam Smith, but instead a 31-year-old truck driver from Pennsylvania.
  11. Kathryn Dunn: Kathryn is 29 years old. She’s also scared of being without her phone, seems like a pretty common theme. They better get used to it fast!
  12. Cliff Hogg III: Cliff is 100% going to be the dad of the cast this season. Cliff is a 53-year-old petroleum engineer from Houston.
  13. Kemi Faknule: Kemi is 25 and currently lives in New York as a marketing strategist. Maybe that means she will be good at out thinking everyone when it comes to analytics!
  14. Nick Macarone: Nick is a therapist in New Jersey and currently 27 years old. He admitted to liking to meet women so it sounds like he may try to find a showmance in the house.
  15. Isabella Wang: Isabella is 22 and lives in L.A. She is full of wit and when asked what her favorite past cast member was she said she liked when Isabella Wang won.
  16. Jackson Michie: Jackson is 24 and from Tennessee. He is currently a server in L.A.

If this season is anything like the last season of Celebrity Big Brother, it should be a pretty good season and one you don’t want to miss!

Will you be watching the new season of Big Brother? Let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments. Be sure to come back to find out all the news on all your favorite TV stars.

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