Paige McGee Blames Bernie McGee’s Death On Her Brother Patrick

Bernie McGee YouTube Seeking Sister Wife

Yesterday the sad news that Bernie McGee passed away was revealed. Bernie McGee’s death shocked a lot of people. This Seeking Sister Wife star was out riding his bicycle when he started to not feel well. He ended up passing away before his wife Paige could get there to help him. He did call her saying he didn’t feel well.

Bernie McGee’s past with Patrick Marble

Bernie McGee and his wife Paige McGee have had a few issues with her brother Patrick Marble over the last year. It was not documented on the show Seeking Sister Wife. Instead, it was all over Facebook groups. Paige and Bernie were actually arrested because of charges that Patrick put against them.

They were arrested for felony stalking. The couple avoided talking about this arrest, but her brother was involved somehow. Reports were that the charges were pressed on them by Patrick.

Bernie was never shy about his thoughts as you can see in a rant he posted on YouTube a while back.

Paige McGee blames her brother for Bernie’s death

Now Paige McGee is upset and dealing with the loss of her husband. This is causing her to lash out. She posted on Facebook and is blaming her brother for the death of her husband. It sounds like she believes that the stress that he is going through is what caused him to pass away.

Paige McGee screenshot after Bernie McGee's Death

In this post, Paige McGee talks about how she hasn’t even spoken to Patrick. She wants everyone to know that what he knows about Bernie McGee’s death he found out on Facebook. She made it very clear that she hasn’t explained any details to him at this time.

After that, Paige went on to explain that her mother and brother allegedly accused them of things that were false. She feels like this could have factored in on her husband’s death. They were supposed to be going to court this week and Bernie had the chance to spend a year in jail. The stress couldn’t have been easy on him. You can read it all in the post above and she didn’t hold back at all.

Are you surprised to hear that Paige McGee is now blaming her brother Patrick for Bernie McGee’s death? Share your thoughts in the comments below. At this time, TLC hasn’t shared any news about an upcoming season of Seeking Sister Wife.

Mandy Robinson


  1. No I’m not surprised Paige is blaming her brother Its very sad Bernie passed but can this women never just keep quiet She did this through the whole show Blaming everyone but herself
    People feel for Paige and her sons but can’t stand her whining about it She thinks if she whines enough ppl will help her financially, but Paige you are not the only lady that has to deal with a sad loss like this
    So hopefully you can work things out for your son’s 💔

    1. No I’m not surprised at all this seems to be who she is. Its her style.
      I would have been surprised if she hadn’t. Lol.

  2. Did her brother force her husband to be obese? If not, then he’s probably not to blame for the man’s death.

  3. She should have cooked him healthy meals instead of seeking a sister wife, He would turn red, sweat and get out of breath. JMO of course. I give my heartfelt condolences to those he left behind.

  4. I think Bernie’s health status is why he succumbed to the heat. Possibly, it could have also been a problem he has had for a long time without knowing it. I would want an autopsy done to put the matter to rest. Obviously, the evident long-standing dysfunction did not start with the arrest but has been there for a long time. A 41 year old does not normaly just die, even when stressed, unless there are underlying medical things going on. How about his history? Any previous medical symptoms that may have been missed? Any social contributing factors, weight, blood pressure problems, or family history of any kind that may have contributed to an increase in his chances of having a sudden cardiac death?
    For the sake of his family and children, it would be wise to search for these answers, realizing that you may also never come to a conclusion.
    We all make deciskons in our life and sometimes we have to live with them. The children and his wife would benefit from some grief counseling to help them get through this. Also, sometimes we have to accept, as well Christians, that maybe God made this decision.
    I truly believe he loved his wife and family and would have done anything in his power for them……including living through this ordeal.
    Cherish your memories of a gift God let you have, even for a short while. You still have the gift of your wonderful children. With God, there is always a purpose for these things. We have to rely on God’s love and grace and have enough faith in his decisions to accept it. Embrace his children, for they are still a very big part of Bernie.
    Our prayers and condolences for your loss are sent to you. In spirit, Bernie is still at your side. He would want you to continue to be the love your children is going to need to get through this. Learn to be forgiving of your family. It might be the answer to heal your heart so you can continue in life.

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