A Tribute to ‘Days of Our Lives’ Actress Peggy McCay

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Days of Our Lives has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have vague memories of sitting on the floor at the age of four, watching the daytime drama while my mom folded laundry on the couch.

The 1980s were the heyday of soap operas and especially for DOOL. The term “supercouple” is applied to any couple together longer than a month. But back then, it meant years and years of longing and stolen glances before the couple had their splashy soap wedding.

For Days of Our Lives, one of the biggest stories of the ‘80s revolved around the secret that Caroline Brady and Victor Kiriakis had an affair that resulted in a son. That son was Bo Brady. In the ‘90s and later, Caroline became more of a confidante character that offered an ear and advice for characters on canvas.

30 Years on Days of Our Lives

Peggy McCay originated the role of the Brady matriarch in 1983. She played the character off-and-on until her departure in 2016. Peggy McCay passed away in October of 2018. On the show, Caroline developed Alzheimer’s and moved to California to live with her daughter Kimberly.

All told, Peggy McCay played Caroline for over 30 years. Her story ebbed and flowed, but she always gave 100%. She was beloved by her castmates. In fact, Stefan Nicholas (Patch) posted a sweet video on his Instagram of him serenading Peggy a few months before her death.



Frank Parker (Shawn Brady) Passed Away Around the Same Time

Peggy McCay’s on-screen husband, Frank Parker, passed away in September of 2018, just three weeks prior. Frank played Shawn Brady, the father of Kimberly, Kayla and Roman.


As played by Frank, Shawn struggled greatly with accepting that Bo wasn’t his biological son. Shawn died on-screen in 2008 when he gave Bo his oxygen tank on a downing airplane. The actor was facing health problems and decided to retire.

The character of Bo Brady died in 2015 when actor Peter Reckell chose to leave the show. He has come back for an occasional ghostly appearance, but his name hasn’t come up in spoilers for Caroline’s memorial.

Days of Our Lives Pays Tribute

You might wonder why DOOL is just now dealing with a real-life death that happened in October. That’s because the show tapes six months in advance. The scenes they taped immediately following the sad news about Peggy McCay’s death are just now airing.

The tribute to Caroline Brady and Peggy McCay begins the week of June 17 when word spreads through Salem of Caroline’s off-screen death. By the end of the week, fan favorites such as Carrie (Christie Clark,) Sami (Alison Sweeney) Shawn D (Brandon Beemer) and others return to town.

They gather at the Brady pub the week of June 24 for an emotional memorial, both for the characters and the actors, who are facing a very real loss.

As someone who has watched DOOL since the mid-80s, I can’t even watch this clip without tearing up.

Peggy McCay was an underrated actress who graced our screens for over 30 years. While her character hasn’t been on the show for a few years now, she will always be remembered because the Bradys are one of the show’s founding families.

Watch Days of Our Lives weekdays on NBC for a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady.

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  1. HELP!!!!!! Where can I find the “Irish Poem that Kayla read at the memorial service today on DOOL. Please send my request asap I need it for a memorial service. kbingham@tampabay,rr.com

    1. “Those we love don’t go away; they walk beside us every day. Unseen and unheard, but always near; still loved, and still missed, and very dear”

  2. Just realizing Peggy passed away a a few years ago? Now, I feel stupid I hadn’t check. She was a fabulous actress and you had to love Caroline Brady! To be honest, I think they should have given the show closure a long time ago. They had a wake. But where are the old scenes ? Cannot help but feel they should have honored Peggy and her character more honor. Just few scenes in the Brady Put-so far with just a couple actors reminiscing- found myself crying realizing she left this World silently without Days acknowledging her death until now. Find that very sad. Hope this next week they show some past scenes with Peggy. We do need closure. And the timing is just goofy. In middle of storyline bringing more actors back from the dead. Can we have some reality here with the real death of an amazing actor! Who brought her own personality into the role making Caroline Brady her own. No one could have replaced her. Too bad we were left in the dark until now. Guess they are just trying to squeeze her death in with the revival of her great grandson Will who has now died how many times? They are so busy bringing people back from the dead they just ignored Peggy’s passing. Hope they do her wake justice and bring back some of her old scenes to honor this incredible actress. Who died without many of her fans even realizing it. At least they aren’t going to bring Caroline back from the dead with a new actress. That would be even more upsetting. hope Peggy knew how loved she was! Hope she knows she was greatly respected in her role as Caroline Brady!

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