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Duggar: Fans Think Jessa Is Hinting At Another Baby

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It’s a busy time for the Duggar family. It can be tricky to keep track of who’s pregnant, but there are currently four pregnant Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law. Josh and Anna are expecting their sixth child. Austin and Joy-Anna will be having their second child. Joe and Kendra are expecting their second child. Josiah and Lauren are having a baby after their tragic miscarriage.

In addition, cousin Amy King is having a baby boy later this year. Ben and Jessa just welcomed their third child, Ivy Jane, into the world a couple of weeks ago. As of right now, these are all the pregnancies that have been announced.

Jessa Duggar hints at another Duggar pregnancy

Last Sunday, the Duggar family tragically lost their grandmother, Grandma Mary Duggar. She passed away after slipping into a pool and drowning. Her daughter, Deanna, found her and called 911, but she did not survive.

Since her death, the family members have been posting pictures of their beloved grandmother on social media. They have been writing heartfelt captions about her and how much they will miss her. Jill even wrote a blog post about her grandma.

In Jessa’s post about her grandmother’s passing, fans noticed something somewhat suspicious. In the post, she wrote, “She was so excited about the many new great-grandbabies due this coming fall and winter, and it never got old for her.”

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It didn’t matter who you were, she was “Grandma” to you. That’s most often how she would introduce herself. “Hi, I’m Grandma!” Everybody called her Grandma. She took a genuine interest in people. She would converse with you in a way that made you feel special and loved and cared about. She had a knack for remembering details, and the next time she saw you, she would inquire about things told to her in past conversations. She was so excited about the many new great-grandbabies due this coming fall and winter, and it never got old for her. She welcomed each new baby with joy and would hold them with such tenderness and delight. We will keep her stories and memories alive for these little ones, but we’re sad that they will not have the blessing of knowing her in person as we have. She was always available. When we kids were young, she would often babysit so Mom and Dad could go out on a date. If Mom needed something from the grocery store, she was happy to pick it up. She always had time for a conversation with the teenager and never passed over the toddlers either. Each one of us was made to feel valued and loved by Grandma. She was our biggest cheerleader, coming to every music recital, birthday party, and graduation celebration— and with 21 grandkids and 13 great-grandkids, that was quite a feat! She was an exhorter. If we ever doubted our gifts or abilities, Grandma was there to spur us on. She’d pull the classic “grandma move” and have us putting on impromptu talent shows for complete strangers. “Why don’t you get up here and perform that song you’ve been working on?” “Aww, Grandma, really? Do I have to?” We’d say, glancing at mom, but we knew Mom would back her every time. We’d reluctantly get up and do a number, and it didn’t matter how terrible we thought we sounded, Grandma would beam with pride and start the applause. She believed in our gifts and abilities more than we did at times, and she spurred us on to do our best and to give God the glory for all our talents and achievements. Click :LINK IN BIO: or swipe left to read the rest of the tribute to Grandma Duggar ❤️—

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After reading this, fans realized that all of the Duggar babies that are going to be born this year are due in November, which is considered the fall. It seems odd that Jessa would say that one is going to be born in the winter. This led fans to wonder if there is another Duggar who is expecting. Maybe another pregnancy is going to be announced soon.

Who could be pregnant next?

There are only a few married Duggar women who could be expecting soon. Four of the women are currently pregnant and Jessa just gave birth to her daughter a couple of weeks ago.

John-David and Abbie could be expecting a baby. They recently got married and have yet to announce a pregnancy. They have also been inactive on Instagram for a few weeks now. Jeremy and Jinger could be ready to give Felicity a sibling. She will be one year old soon. Jill and Derick could be having a baby in the winter because their two sons are getting older.

Of course, it is possible that Jessa was referring to the pregnancies that have been announced. We will find out soon enough if another Duggar is pregnant.

Do you think that someone else is pregnant? Let us know in the comments!

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