‘RHOBH’: Andy Cohen Confirms LVP Wasn’t At Reunion

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This season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just came to a close. At the end of the season comes the RHOBH reunion taping. It was taped on Wednesday, June 5.

RHOBH fans know that this season has been full of drama. Lisa Vanderpump is no longer friends with anyone on the show really. It’s definitely been a chaotic season with all of this conflict. This makes for an interesting reunion episode though.

LVP said she wouldn’t attend RHOBH reunion taping

Recently, LVP said she wouldn’t be attending the reunion taping. On Tuesday, she told DailyMailTV, “The objective of the reunion is to reunite, right? And I have no inclination to reunite with the women who’ve been harassing me for 10 months now. So in all probability, no.”


Based on this statement, some fans believed that LVP was telling the truth. They rallied behind her and agreed with her decision. Because of all of the drama, it didn’t make sense for LVP to go to the reunion taping. Still, some fans were doubtful that LVP would skip the entire reunion taping. Some thought that she would end up going anyway. They figured they would just have to wait and see what would really happen.

Andy Cohen confirms LVP skipped the RHOBH reunion taping

Prior to Wednesday’s taping, it was unclear whether LVP would be attending the reunion taping. She was saying that she wouldn’t be there, but nobody really knew for sure. On Wednesday, Andy Cohen confirmed that LVP didn’t attend the taping.

An Instagram Live video was posted on a RHOBH fan account on Twitter. In the video, Cohen was speaking with his friend, Anderson Cooper. In the video, he said, “The reunion is going great It’s major! Lisa Vanderpump’s not here.” Cooper was very confused and asked, “Why isn’t … why?”

Then, Cooper asked if LVP had been there earlier in the day. Cohen replied, “It’s major. There’s major things happening. There’s trouble afoot in Beverly Hills. You know who is here? Camille … she’s back to season 1 shrugging Camille.”

In addition to skipping the reunion taping, LVP will not be a part of Season 10 of RHOBH.

What do you think of LVP skipping the RHOBH reunion taping? Are you surprised she didn’t go? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I was hoping she could show up & confront them. But I respect her decision. I have followed all of the Housewives, Beverly Hills & NY, my favorite. I will no longer be watching BH. LVP is the heart & sunshine of the show. And this makes me sad. Bravo needs to make changes, the show is truly boring with Teddi & Rinna & Dorit. Ericka Is okay, but feel she is pulling back. Kyle, I always enjoyed with LVP, but could care less about her children. All these kids on this show is making me nuts. I still don’t know what Denise can contribute, but she might be good. No to lying Brandi. I don’t enjoy screaming, backstabbing, lying, bullying. What happened to the wonderful shows? I don’t know. I only know I will watch LVP anywhere she is on, because she is so fun, witty, British snarky, but she’s a natural. Not phony. And there is a big difference between her and the rest.

    1. I’m very sorry for LVP. When she was broken everyone turned on her, as though they saw a weakness as an opportunity to attack. Rinna was like a dog with a bone and did everything she could to keep the problems alive. Teddi was immediately forgiven for lying and Dorit started the whole problem. However, the biggest betrayal of all was Kyle. In the end the entire group acted like overaged mean girls!

      I’m disappointed in Bravo production for letting this cast act the way they did. The fun has been completely sucked out of the show. I’m done with BH!

  2. I will no longer be watching rboh as well. Shame on Kyle for not supporting her “friend”, I would be offended if the one person who i thought had my back didn’t support me either. NBo one cared about her loss, no one considered her feelings during the time, and when Lisa told Teddy to drop it why didn’t she. Get rid of that hanger on do nothing rock stars daughter PLEEEEEASE! And backstapping admitted liar pot stirrer Lisa Rinna. She is the one who pushed for everyone to act how they did. A bunch of do nothing has-beens. i.e. Rinna and Kyle.

  3. I will not watch this show any longer – I have watched BH from episode #1 and LVP always was my favorite person. What the reason to watch Rinna + Teddi + Dorit? No class, only jealous to the smart, beautiful successful women. Not a fan of Erica (don’t accept “it’s expensive to be me”) or Kyle. Bravo lost a lot with allowing to bully LVP all this season. How could this happen in America? Really sorry and upset with season 9.

  4. LVP has always been my favorite but so has been Kyle. I am so shocked at Kyle for NOT supporting LVP and falling into the MEAN girl group of girls! What happened to you Kyle? You say you do what is right but did you weight EVERYTHING OUT? I think NOT! As far as Rinna goes – well please let her GO. She is a troublemaker and has been all the time. Dorit is fake and Denise (to me) never knows whats going on but clearly likes LVP but the other ladies try and discourage her feelings toward LVP.

    I wouldn’t want these ladies for friends so LVP might as well have as enemies as they are. Sorry you have been treated so poorly.

    Hang in there. You have so much going for you. You are Marvelous Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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