Was Jessa Duggar Hospitalized After Ivy’s Birth?

Jessa Duggar Seewald Instagram

A new member of the Duggar family made her entrance earlier this week. Ben and Jessa Seewald’s third child, Ivy Jane, was born Sunday. She is the little sister of the couple’s other children, Spurgeon and Henry.

Though Ivy is the first Duggar to be born in 2019, she definitely will not be the last. Amy King, who is a cousin of the Duggar family, is also expecting a baby later this year. Several other Duggar women are expecting later in the year. This includes:

From what we’ve heard, Ivy’s delivery went smoothly. There has not been any news on any potential complications. Both Ivy and Jessa seem to be doing well.

Why do fans think Jessa Duggar was hospitalized?

When Jessa’s mother-in-law posted a photo on Instagram, fans quickly noticed a few things in the background. In the photos that she shared, it looked like they were in a hospital room. There is an IV bag and other hospital equipment is shown in the background.


In the comments, this is what fans said:

  • “Is Jess’s ok? Looks like she is in the hospital?”
  • “I know jessa said she delivered at home did she have to be rushed to the hospital like spurgones birth. It looks like you are in a hospital room.”
  • “is Jessa ok she at hospital?”
  • “Did Jess’s end up going to the hospital? I see an IV bag in the background”

In the announcement from the family, they shared that Ivy was born at home. Based on the looks of the pictures shared, it seems like the family ended up at the hospital at some point. This could have been during or after the delivery.

Jessa Seewald had to go to the hospital before

When Spurgeon was born in 2015, Jessa had to spend the night in the hospital. Her mother, Michelle, had to call an ambulance because Jessa was experiencing heavy bleeding after her first child was born at home. She even had to get a blood transfusion.

A couple of years later, Jessa’s second child, Henry, was born without any known complications. Still, that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t have been complications with Ivy. Because this is a somewhat private concern, the family may not be sharing about it. Plus, Jessa just gave birth and may not have had a chance to write it all out. That is if she chooses to share the details.

Do you think that Jessa experienced complications during birth? Do you think this was just precautionary? Let us know in the comments!

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