Could ‘Lucifer’ Star Tom Ellis Be The Next James Bond?

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Could Lucifer morph into James Bond? That is what Lucifans are hoping will happen with their beloved star, Tom Ellis. With the new release of Lucifer Season 4, the Bond buzz is getting strong.

Tom Ellis: The New James Bond?

As Daniel Craig films Bond 25, the list of names that could replace him has gone the way of the devil. More and more people are suggesting that Lucifer star Tom Ellis should be knighted as the next 007.

Right now there is a petition to make Ellis the new James Bond. There are not even 1,500 names as of yet, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a conversation going on.

Tom Ellis Says It Would Be A ‘Dream’ To Play 007

When out promoting Lucifer Season 4 on The View, the topic of James Bond came about. Tom Ellis and Rachael Harris were speaking with the women about the new Lucifer season and Tom’s cute butt, when Sharon Osbourne asked Rachael about Tom playing Bond. Harris has long said that she felt Tom Ellis would be the best Bond, and on the chat show she confirmed that “He would do it in a heartbeat.”

Ellis was in total agreement. He seemed thrilled with the idea of playing 007. “I’d do it in a heartbeat. I would,” he then continued, “I dreamed about that when I was a kid. I was obsessed with the Sean Connery James Bond. It’s a dream, isn’t it?”

Why Tom Ellis Would Be Perfect As James Bond

Whomever plays the next James Bond needs to be able to perform physical stunts, and look smashing in a tux. He must be the kind of guy that could seduce the ladies, while garnering respect from all the rest. Tom Ellis would fit this bill. He has that sexy British accent, and suave charm. He can knock out an opponent with one hand, while holding his martini with another.

Most of all, Tom’s physical strength would be an asset. He was determined to get washboard abs in time for his recent 40th birthday. Despite this milestone birthday, he is in better shape than ever. He is doing his own stunts. He is even singing and dancing through Lucifer. No one can deny that he has the goods to become the special agent on the big screen. He is ready!

Ellis would not be the first Bond to go from television to the big screen. GQ points out that both Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan went from television to the big screen. The British version of this men’s publication also points out that whoever becomes the next Bond cannot already be too famous and needs to be tall. Ellis would certainly fit that criteria. They point out that stars like Michael Fassbender or Orlando Bloom are too famous to step into this iconic role. Why not Tom Ellis?

Would you like to see Tom Ellis portray 007? Do you think he would make a good James Bond? Share your opinion in the comments field. Check back with TV Shows Ace for the lates with Lucifer and Tom Ellis.

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  1. In my opinion Tom Ellis would be the perfect James Bond. He has all James Bond needs. He is very handsome and attractiv. He is very charming and smart, but he also can fight. And he has a perfect body. Also he has this sexy British Accent James Bond should have… I would really love it, if he would be the next James Bond!!!

  2. I would LOVE for Tom Ellis to be the next 007, but I would also expect the DEVIL to appear in him as well, so use to seeing him as LUCIFER!

    1. Absolutely yes Tom Ellis would make the best James Bond. I’m a big fan of Lucifer and was already wondering about it. I googled it and imagine there are others who are wondering the same. GOOD LUCK TOM ELLIS💫

  3. Absolutely, he is stunning, attractive, sexiest accent, he knows how to whoop some ass, did I say sexy as hell, most of all he was 007 playing as Lucifer….. I watched it last with Sean Connery another favorite of mine and most certainly Tom Ellis can be James Bond..

    1. When I saw the first few episodes of of Season one in Lucifer I thought right a way he would be an excellent Bond . He has it all for the character .

  4. He’s definitely the best possible actor for the part!

    We’re all hoping for more seasons of Lucifer, so let’s face it, there might be scheduling conflicts – unless we’re talking 3 years in the future. Yes, the same type of scheduling conflict that at first prevented Pierce Brosnan from playing Bond.

    However, if Bond doesn’t work out, there is another iconic role that Tom Ellis would be perfect for, and that’s The Doctor. Granted, he’s been on Dr. Who before in a smaller role, but that didn’t stop Peter Capaldi, did it?

  5. He would be perfect as James Bond. I never watch any James Bond movies. The only way I could be induced to watch one is for Tom Ellis to play the part.

  6. Yes, he is suave sexy man in a suit and so much more. He has the personality to fill those shoes. He is so believable in all of the people he has portrayed. His acting ability is “Off the Chart” and he loves his fans. What more could anyone ask for? Best choice for 007.

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