Josiah And Lauren Duggar Are Expecting A Rainbow Baby

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

Three months ago, Josiah and Lauren Duggar shared with the world that they had recently had a miscarriage. They miscarried in October during Lauren’s first pregnancy. After the miscarriage, they shared an update with their fans to let them know what was going on. Because the Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law get pregnant shortly after marriage, the couple wanted to tell fans what happened. Plenty of fans were wondering why Lauren wasn’t pregnant by that point.

At the time, Lauren said, “I wasn’t feeling well. I was cramping really, really bad, which was quite strange because I normally don’t. I was thinking maybe I had something that had gluten in it. It was late at night and I went to use the restroom and there was the baby. Gone. I couldn’t believe it and I was hoping it wasn’t true.”

From their Instagram posts about the miscarriage, it is obvious that this was a very difficult time in their lives. They explained that they shared this with their fans to make others feel less alone. As they shared this update, fans offered encouragement, prayers, and all kinds of sweet messages.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar are expecting

On Monday, Josiah and Lauren posted on their joint Instagram account. They shared a series of photos announcing that they are expecting a baby. One features the couple posing and Lauren showing off her tiny baby bump. The next is the couple holding the ultrasound pictures. In the last photo, they are holding a letter board that reads, “Rainbow after the storm. Baby #2”.

In the caption, they wrote, “We are so excited to announce that baby #2 is on the the way!!!! It’s hard to fully express just how grateful we are for God blessing us again with another precious gift! So, as we rejoice of the life of our second sweet baby, we also remember (balloon as symbolism) our other sweet baby, Asa, in heaven. God is so incredibly good!”

On the post, fans are commenting and saying how happy they are for Josiah and Lauren. They are also offering prayers and encouragement. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth posted a photo of Josiah and Lauren on their Instagram story and wrote, “Congratulation Josiah & Lauren!!! SOOO happy for y’all!!!” Anna Duggar also shared a photo of the expectant couple on her story and congratulated them.

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