‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Trace Bates Makes Fans Speculate He is Courting

Trace Bates Bringing Up Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Trace Bates has the fans speculating if he is courting now. A few posts on social media really do look like there might be a girl in his life now. So far, the reality star isn’t saying a word.

What has fans speculating Trace Bates found love?

Trace Bates does post on his Instagram often. One thing everyone has noticed recently is that a certain girl is in his posts. He has even been seen with his arm around her a few times. One post was at Disney and a group of friends went along with Trace. They all look like they had a good time.

Another picture is on Trace Bates Instagram story. It shows him with the same girl. He is also with his sister and her husband. These two are looking pretty cozy. One thing to notice as well is that it doesn’t look like a bit group of friends like it was before.

Trace Bates Bringing Up Bates Instagram Story
Trace Bates

If you don’t know, Trace is now working as a deputy just like his brother Zach. It looks like things are going well for him and if he is courting that is just another thing going well in his life.

Who is the girl Trace seems to be courting?

This girl’s name is Chaney Grace. She is tagged in his photos but hasn’t shared the same kind of pictures of these two together. Her Instagram profile says, “I will choose to find joy in the journey that God has set before me🌻.” This makes her look like the perfect match for Trace.


The Bates family is following her and even like a lot of her posts. If she isn’t courting Trace, then it is obvious that these two are very good friends. One thing about the Bates family is that they usually end up waiting to tell the fans about a courtship until they are ready. They might just be waiting to announce something.

Do you think that Trace Bates is courting? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss the new episodes of Bringing Up Bateson UPtv.

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  1. Sooo…I’m the bates instagram stories, it shows trace with this same girl at Carlin’s wedding. I doubt he took just a friend to his sister’s wedding

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