Amazon Shows Original ‘WCTH’ Episode 5 With Lori Loughlin: What Was Supposed to Happen?

WCTH preview from YouTube Lori Loughlin

The fans of When Calls the Heart knew that Lori Loughlin would not be in Episode 5. After the big college scandal, she was written out of the show. If you watched Hallmark, they simply said that she left town to take care of her ill mother. If you bought the episode on Amazon, you noticed that Lori was still in it. They even showed her in the opening credits. This episode can be watched on Amazon for $2.99.

On the Hallmark version, they had Elizabeth read from her journal explaining what went on. Here is what she had to say about it.

“It’s been a week since Abigail got word that her mother had taken ill back east. True to her nature, Abigail wasted no time in rushing off to take care of her. Abigail is much more than a friend. She’s family and I will miss her and Cody deeply. We all will. But we must get by as best we can.”

Lori Loughlin continues on the show

The show went on as normal on Amazon. Lori Loughlin’s character Abigail is seen meeting the new Mountie in town. She is shocked he came into town a bit early. Abigail goes on to explain that the town lost Jack Thorton, which the new Mountie already knows. He also comments on how he needs to speak to Elizabeth at some point.

The new Mountie Nathan ate at the cafe and enjoyed his meal. The two got to know each other and then things went on with normal chaos in Hope Valley. Elizabeth saw the new Mountie and was in a bit of shock. Her good friend Abigail was there to explain she knew he was coming just not how soon. She was there for her good friend as always.

Abigal was even seen talking to the sheriff about a stagecoach robbery that occurred. This is not something Hope Valley is used to happening in their town. Rosemary even called Abigail on the phone that is supposed to be only for emergencies. Rosemary doesn’t seem to understand what an emergency is and is using the phone often. The Sheriff and Abigail also had a talk about the new Mountie and how this could affect Elizabeth.

Clara seems to be replacing Abigail in at least one of these scenes. Maybe this is a hint that Clara and Elizabeth will become close now that she doesn’t have Abigail by her side.

The show must go on

The show When Calls the Heart must go on without Lori Loughlin. One big change that they made was that her adopted son Cody left town with her as well. Some of the fans are pretty upset that Cody was written out of the show as well. This young actor didn’t do anything wrong, but he somehow lost his role on the show as well.

It doesn’t look like Lori Loughlin will be back, but you never know what Hallmark will do. She still has a trial to go through and is innocent until proven guilty.

Were you shocked that When Calls the Heart on Amazon didn’t take out Lori Loughlin? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t miss new episodes of WCTH on Sundays on Hallmark. Don’t forget that another new episode will air tonight as well.

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  1. I don’t think it was something Amazon did on purpose – to show the original cut for the series. I think it had been sitting on the sidelines with the others and when the show came back on the air on the 5th, that episode automatically played.

    I would hope that Amazon and Hallmark correct that issue, so those of us who don’t have cable – or access to other avenues – can watch the same updated version as everyone else.

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