‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: Danielle, Adam Busby Seem To Have Parted Ways With Rush Cycle Business

Danielle and Adam Busby Instagram

On the show Outdaughtered on TLC, a large storyline was the fact that Danielle and Adam Busby bought a Rush Cycle franchise. This was a big decision for the couple. They finally decided it was the right thing to do. Danielle was spending a lot of time working there. Now it turns out that it sounds like they have parted ways with the business already.

Did the Busby family move on?

If you follow Danielle and Adam on their social networks, they haven’t posted about Rush Cycle at all lately. They used to post all the time about this business. They owned the one located in League City, Texas. It is odd that Danielle and Adam aren’t posting anymore.

TV Shows Ace actually spoke with the cycle studio via phone. When asking if Danielle and Adam Busby were still the owners they replied that they are not. So why haven’t they said anything to fans yet? A new season of Outdaughtered would be the perfect time to reveal this news and what happened. It was back in 2017 that the news came out they had purchased this franchise. If you check out the Instagram page for Rush Cycle, there are some really old photos with Danielle Busby in them but nothing recent. Because of all of this, it looks like they have moved on from the business.


Updates from the League City Rush Cycle

The League City Rush Cycle has been posting updates, but none of them show the Busby family. Here is a recent one about the Rush Cycle family.


How is the Busby family doing now?

In December of 2018, Adam and Danielle shared that some things have been going on in their life. It turns out that they moved into a new home. There is a new season of the show coming and the couple shared that they don’t want to reveal all just yet. Adam shared that on the upcoming season fans will find out why they had to move. He admitted to issues with their old house. At the time, they were in a temporary home that they love. Danielle did say that it has been very “life-changing.” Because of this, they didn’t do a great job of keeping fans up to date on how they were doing.

Are you surprised to hear that it sounds like Danielle and Adam Busby are no longer part of the Rush Cycle business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Mandy Robinson


  1. I thought the whole reason for the rush cycle was for the future for the girls what happened to that!

    1. They don’t need it tlc is footing the bill for them to put their kids on display he has even quit his job

  2. Unrealistic show. First of all, of course they can leave Rush Cycle because TLC is footing all of their bills. The same as why Adam quit his job at the end of the last season. The same reason they can go on extravagant vacations to Hawaii. I wish they would stop calling these shows reality TV because it’s far from what reality is like.

    1. Agree with Nick! Far from Reality! Why not move into a bigger house, making bang off TLC… why not quit the working, why not sell off your half of the cycle studio. Honestly it’s really getting annoying all the stuff they are trying to get people to join. People that get on these “ Reality Shows “ completely change from the people you use to enjoy watching… NOT ANYMORE..

    1. I love the Busby’s. What they do is their business not mine. The money they make doesn’t bother me at all. I love watching the babies grow up and how they have changed and I think mom and dad do a wonderful job with all the kids. Hang in there Busby’s and we look forward to watching your next series this summer! God bless you all.🤗

      1. Totally agree with you, good for the busby family, making smart choices and in the process enjoying their precious daughters.

  3. Living off those five little girls isn’t going to last forever, they grow up and people lose interest. As has been posted here their lives on the show is very unrealistic. Didn’t they see what happened to Jon & Kate plus eight when they kept trying to live “on screen”.

    Disgusted he quit his job, especially after all the brothers in law did to help him.

    I won’t be watching.

  4. Not surprised at all. Seems like Danielle has a pattern of pushing Adam to make decisions that don’t last long and expects him to clean them up, immediately! I empathize with Adam-i hope he is keeping himself healthy. On the show it appears that Danielle does not show much appreciation and acts like one of the quints often 😂 and Blake is the complete opposite!

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