Captain Sean Dwyer: Five Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Deadliest Catch’ Star

Sean Dwyer, Deadliest Catch-

Captain Sean Dwyer is coming back for Season 15 of the Deadliest Catch 2019. The young Brenna A captain is back to keep his family business going. What do you know about Captain Sean? Here are five things you may not have know about the youngest Deadliest Catch captain.

Captain Sean Dwyer is Youngest Deadliest Catch Captain

When Sean Dwyer started on the Discovery show, he was 24. He has just turned 27 on March 8. He is the youngest Deadliest Catch captain, as of now. Should Mandy Hansen-Pederson take over for her father Captain Sig Hansen, she would be the youngest captain. But, it doesn’t look like Captain Sig is going anywhere soon.

Sean Is Grown Up And A Married Man

Between the airing of Deadliest Catch Season 14 and the Season 15 crab fishing season, Sean got married to his girlfriend Brianna on September 15, 2018. Congratulations!

Brenna A Beer

Nicknamed “the beer with a cause,” a portion of the sales of the Brenna A beer goes towards helping raise awareness and a cure for ALS, the disease that killed Sean’s beloved father Pat Dwyer. According to the Brenna A website, they have already donated $7,000 towards the cause. Sean and his crew were not brewing the beer between throwing pots into the Bering Sea. Instead, two different breweries have each created a specific craft beer for the Brenna A.

Wild Ride Brewing, out of Redmond, Oregon, created the Brenna A Amber Lager, an award winning beer. Mount Arrowsmith Brewing, out of British Columbia, Canada brews the Brenna A Sea Run Saison in April and May. This is a fruity, Belgian Farmhouse Ale that won a Canada bronze medal in the World Beer Awards.

The Brenna A

Originally called the Shishaldin, the Brenna A was named after Sean’s sister Brenna Adele Dwyer. When Sean’s father ran a crab boat, he had the Jennifer A, named after Sean’s mom Jennifer. His crew includes a very familiar face, Zack Larson, Wild Bill’s son.

Sean Has An Engineering Degree

Sean didn’t spend all of his youth on a boat. The young crabber spent two years at South Seattle College getting a two-year, technical degree in diesel engines and heavy equipment technology. Sean told The Alaska Sporting Journal that half of that time was studying the books, while the other half was working with mostly truck engines. Although he did get to work on some marine engines, he admits that an engine is an engine. The key to to know how engines work and have a mechanical mind that can instantly solve problems. This is essential for a Deadliest Catch captain on the Bering Sea.

Is Deadliest Catch Sean Dwyer your favorite captain? Do you like how the Brenna A captain runs his crab boat? Please share your comments and opinions below. Deadliest Catch Season 15 begins with a two-hour episode on Tuesday, April 9 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT on Discovery.

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  1. Sean is my favorite captain and I hope he never gets hard, uncouth,
    mean and nasty like a lot of the captains from the show…

  2. I like Sean,he seems like a really good person in many ways. Where as Jack Anderson is lucky anybody would even go to sea with him.I would trust going to sea with Sean and not worry about coming home.

  3. I was out in Seattle for work with a co-worker and we we were going past the port and saw the Brenna A. We stop to see if he was on his boat, he was there with his crew rebuilding the deck and the launcher. For me for a Captain to get off his boat to talk to a fan means a lot.

    1. Sean is pretty wise beyond his years.
      Obviously and engineering degree, is NO EASY TASK!
      My father passed away on April 5, 2016 of ALS.
      I consider him extremely lucky as he was 70, when diagnosed, but passed awsy within 8 months.
      For my father, much like Seans, he was a go getter! Retired, but got up with a purpose, to just do something ecery day.
      He would just wash his truck n Moms car if he couldn’t find something else to do. Even took a job at dairy Queen, because he was NO SIT AROUND!
      I’m extremely impressed by Sean, and his ability and strength to step up, grow, and overcome such a devastating and difficult loss, and especially prevail, the way he has on the “Breanna A”!!
      Many kudos and I’m sure his father would be BEYOND PROUD!!! GOD BLESS! ❤

  4. Fair play to you Sean , your doing your parents proud sad story just watched the show about your lucky as a family youse didn’t get it easy at all well I am saying a pray for you & your family so things work out we all need a bit of luck 👍

  5. Love the way Sean runs his boat and crew. He is level headed and calm. He tends to take people under his wing like Zac. When the Captian is calm , so is the crew. Well done Sean.

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