Will ‘When Calls The Heart’ Return On Sunday March 31?

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Will When Calls the Heart Season 6 return on Sunday March 31? If not, this will be the third week in a row that the top Hallmark show will not be on the air since the Varsity Blues scandal. When should fans expect to see WCTH back on Hallmark?

Will When Calls The Heart Return March 31?

#Hearties who have been waiting for the arrival of Constable Nathan Grant, portrayed by Kevin McGarry, to Hope Valley have to continue waiting. Hallmark has not announced the return of WCTH, this week. They have not given fans any sort of time frame before the channel’s number one show resumes airing the new Season 6 episodes.

Right now, there is no indication on social media on how the channel will resolve their Lori Loughlin problem. They may still be researching their options. If they should decide to replace Lori with another actress, picking the right person is just the beginning of their problems. They have to gather cast and crew to film those scenes all over again. There may be scheduling conflicts, or the writers need to rework scripts. They have not yet renewed WCTH for Season 7. They may eve be considering a retooling of the finale season episode and decide to turn that into a finale series episode.


Hallmark Has Not Given A Date for When Calls The Heart Return

It has now been about two weeks since When Calls The Heart producers told #hearties that they planned on “retooling” the show in the aftermath of the Lori Loughlin firing. Since that time, there has not been any sort of communication from Hallmark. Obviously, they cannot discuss the college cheating scandal, but Hallmark has been quite secretive about this show.

When they pulled the show from airing on March 17, the WCTH producers assured fans that the show was not canceled now. Since then, some of the cast have even thanked #hearties for hanging in there. Right now, that is all WCTH fans can do.


#Hearties are you frustrated with waiting for the new Season 6 episodes of When Calls The Heart to return? How do you think the channel will resolve their current dilemma? How long do you think it will take Hallmark before the show airs again? Please share your opinions and thoughts in the comment fields below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for all the latest #Hearties news.

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  1. I think Hallmark should let Lori Loughlin finish out the Season. Hallmark should show what has already been filmed. Hallmark is suppose to be about family. Lori made a bad mistake but she is paying the price now. The Hearties love her. Let her go after the end of the season.

    1. I agree with Susan Rackley…air what is already filmed for season 6 and deal with the problem of Lori on season 7.

      1. I agree let us see what has already been filmed. Then season 7 no Lori Loughlin. It’s like the viewers are being punished for what the Loughlins did.

  2. I agree……no need to punish, us the viewers….let us watch season 6 and then deal with a replacement for season 7….everyone on tv is replaceable….they do it on soap operas all the time!

    1. I agree with comments above…but if Hallmark does fire her…one story line could be she left to visit preacher man and killed in an accident. If she just moves away, her son would have to leave the show too.
      Ironically her character forgave Henry for his sins and now she’s paying for hers.

  3. Whatever you do please keep When Calls the Heart going. Too many will suffer…..the fans as well as the other actors. You should finish this season as is and replace or remove Lori Laughlin’s character at the end of this season. This is one of the best shows on television!

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