‘When Calls The Heart’: Six Names That could Replace Lori Loughlin

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Hearties are asking who will replace Lori Loughlin, who was been fired When Calls The Heart. The show is currently retooling, which could very well mean that they are replacing the actress that played Abigail Stanton. Who could possibly replace Lori Loughlin? Here are six actresses who may be a good fit for Hallmark and #Hearties.

Who Can Replace Lori Loughlin?

First we have to figure out the criteria for the actress. Abigail is a tough, yet charming and endearing character. She is smart and very brave. Anyone who would portray her would need to have these qualities.

Next, there are the qualifications that Hallmark would require. The actress would have to have a solid reputation with Crown Media. The producers of WCTH certainly don’t want to risk needing to recast a second time. The actress that Hallmark would want to hire is someone that they already work with a great deal.

Most of all, Hallmark needs to find a fan favorite. They need an actress that is instantly endearing to #hearties.

The Six Actresses Who Could Potentially Replace Lori Loughlin

Danica McKeller

Former child star Danica McKeller has the beauty, brains and quiet determination that could make her Hallmark’s first choice to replace Lori Loughlin. The fan favorite could slip into this role without any objection from Hallmark or #hearties. She is a bit younger, though.

Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt has made so many Hallmark movies that devoted fans have long lost count. The brainy and musical actress could add some extra spunk to the character of Abigail Stanton.

Autumn Reeser

Autumn most recently starred in Love On The Menu, for Hallmark, and does not appear to be working on any other projects at the moment. She is quirky, intelligent and has a timeless face that would fit in the world of Hope Valley.

Lea Thompson

Many remember Lea from Hallmark’s Jane Doe mystery series, where she played a clever spy, but no one will ever forget Lea from the Back to the Future series. Lea has a no-nonsense sort of beautiful braininess that looks as good in frontierland as she does in the future.

Ashley Williams

Some will always think of Ashley Williams as the charming baker, Victoria, in How I Met Your Mother. She has been in a cornucopia of delightful Hallmark movies over the years.  Ashley has an infectious smile and a lot of great beauty and energy. She could bring her magical personality to Hope Valley and help fans and cast alike, heal. According to Country Living, Ashley and her sister Kimberly are planning on co-starring in two Hallmark Christmas movies sometime in the near future. If Hallmark is giving them this sort of platform, it would seem natural that they would want one of the sisters to be part of their biggest television series, When Calls The Heart.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Ashley’s older sister Kimberly is regularly on Hallmark with Darrow & Darrow, as well as many Hallmark movies. Is the woman that inspires husband Brad Paisley’s most romantic love songs ready to head out into the Canadian frontier and show her true mettle?


Who #Hearties Want to See Play Abigail Stanton

Who do you think should replace Lori Loughlin? Are you hopeful that When Calls The Heart will be back on the air soon?#Hearties, please share your comments and feelings below. Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for the latest in When Calls The Heart news.

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  1. I’m very sorry about what happened. I always loved Lori Loughlin.. I guess this means no more mystery movies with her also. It’s sad but she obviously knew what she was doing was wrong.

  2. what about Alison Sweeney? Love her movies but would love to see more of her. If not Alison I’d go with Autum.

  3. I think they’re a little too young – how about Nancy McKeon or Melissa Gilbert – they both have done movies in the era of the movie and I think they would be great.

  4. Autumn Reeser or Lea Thompson…. Autumn seems to have the “look” but I think Lea may have the personality… Will miss Lori.

  5. I think Lisa or Ashley would fit the profile, I understand the facts but everyone is so judgmental (replace and move on), fonts follow how the political society reacts.
    Be honorable as Hallmark has been and be respectful and rise above alleged allegations. But all the women on the list are acceptable this should include adding more mystery series/heart warming series

  6. I think Teryl Rotherty would be great on WCTH, she has been in Hallmark movies and is a great actress and a mature women. She would be a great replacement for Lori

  7. Keep Lori!!!!! We have all done wrong in our lives. Hallmark is based on values of Love and forgiveness and yall just threw her away. Sad!!! They that cast the first stone…..

    1. If we really get a vote, of the two replacements Jackie Minne mentioned I like Melissa Gilbert the best. Following are a couple of additional Hallmark actresses they should consider:

      Bethany Joy Lenz
      Emillie Ullerup-Peterson
      Catherine Bell
      Teri Polo

  8. My first choice would be Nikki DeLoach. I also like Maggie Lawson. I think Stefanie Powers would be great if you could use a more mature lady.

  9. Lea thompson or Kimberly Williams Paisley
    Both are old enough to have grown children. and both have the strength of the character. Just don’t ask me to choose 🙂

    1. I personally don’t think they should replace Lori’s part. If they are going to take her out, they need to do something different and add someone else and let them make it their own. Adding a sister would be great, creating a new role and allowing the person to make her own place in the show, not having to follow in Lori’s footsteps. There are several actresses who could play that part: Emilie Ullerup, Autumn Reeser, Rachel Leigh Cook, Ashley Williams, just to name a few.

  10. Love Danica, Autumn and all names mentioned, However, these actresses are too young for this role though. Someone has mentioned Teryl Rothery which I totally agreed!! And I thought about her from the get go. But Kimberly W-P would be great to the role as well. Last, I don’t mind whoever is taking the part just hurry up and do it already coz I really want to see WCTH sooner than later.

  11. My choice is Andie MacDowell. She has a warming charm yet can be tough as nails. Andie also has stature and carries herself as an authoritative individual with a purpose in life. Her beauty flows from within.

  12. I think Arielle Kebbel. She just looks the part. I think she could do justice to the part. She also is an excellent actress.

  13. Lea Thompson or Kimberly Williams Paisley for me. So many great Hallmark actresses to pick from. Let the fans decide.

  14. I think Ashley Williams would be a Great Person to take part in When Calls the Heart. Ashley Williams have a great personality with the smile to go with it. Ashley is Great Actress and does well with all the parts she’s performed. I think if Ashley Williams as a good hearted people person and I think she would do very well for the Interest of being a part of When Calls the Heart.

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