‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Tying The Knot Soon: Who Is His Bride?

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Austin Russell, better known to Pawn Stars fans as Chumlee, will be waking down the aisle soon, and recently had a big pre-wedding reception in Las Vegas. What do we know about his future wife, his future with Pawn Stars and how he lost all of that weight?

Chumlee And Olivia Host A Pre-Wedding Party

Chumlee and his fiancée Oliva had a huge shindig over at the Detroit Room, at the D Hotel, in Las Vegas. The pre-wedding party included family, friends and some celebrities. Of course, Chum’s Pawn Stars costars, Rick and Corey Harrison, were there, as was BMX star T.J. Lavin, rapper Mikey P. and Kailah Casillas of MTV’s Real World: Go Big Or Go Home. The D Hotel is a fav of cast of the Pawn Stars, so it is no surprise that D Las Vegas co-owner, Derek Stevens and his wife, Nicole were there, as was D Casino Director Richard Wilk. Frequent Pawn Star expert, magician Murray Sawchuckwith was also there, along with his girlfriend,  Crazy Girls dancer and emcee, Dani Elizabeth.

Chumlee is quite elated. He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal,  “It’s beautiful. I already feel like I’m married.” Obviously, Olivia feels the same. She posted a photo of the two at their pre-wedding event and captioned it “The Russell’s y’all.” So, who is the woman that has taken Chumlee’s heart?


Who Is Chumlee’s Bride?

Who will soon be Mrs. Chumlee? The lucky lady’s name is Olivia Rademann, whom the reality star calls “my rock.” The couple started dating “right around the beginning of 2016,” but had already known each other a couple of years prior. Chumlee fans may remember that on March 9, 2016, Chumlee got into a heap of legal trouble when was arrested for possession of weapons, some Xanax and meth. Although Chumlee doesn’t exactly say it, but it certainly sounds like she was there for him when times were challenging.

In May of 2018, the couple were engaged while in Hawaii, at Royal Hawaiian Waikiki. Chumlee proposed with a one-and-a-half karat diamond ring, and she said yes! In August, there was a celebration at for their engagement, and Olivia’s father’s birthday, at the D Casino’s Andiamo Steakhouse. Her family and Chumlee’s brother, Sage, attended.

Olivia is in her early 20s, and a student at UNLV. She is into eyelashes, and would like to open up a chain of eyelash salons. The 36-year-old Chumlee already has his own business venture, Chumlee’s Candy On the Boulevard, located near the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, where Pawn Stars is filmed. Chumlee is already planning how the two will create a business empire, “Maybe we can open a chain of these shops side-by-side.” and even suggests, “We can have candy and eyelash businesses all over the place.”


Will There Be A Pawn Stars Season 17?

Season 16 of Pawn Stars is still airing on the History Channel, with expanded one-hour episodes. Yet, there are already questions on whether the show will return for another season. Chumlee believes that Pawn Stars still has a lot of interesting stories to tell. He even shared that the most recent season has been “the most fun I’ve had in the past eight years or so, since the first couple, because we’ve been able to explain the items in deeper detail and Rick’s been going on the road a lot.” The deep dive into each history of the historic items has revitalized the reality show that has already aired over 500 episodes.

Of course, the only negative is that Richard “Old Man” Harrison passed away before Season 16 began filming. This has been hard on Rick and Corey Harrison, and Chumlee as well. Chum and the Old Man really had a close bond, and the two had a lot of fun on the show. Family and fans alike will always remember the sweet, and sometimes cranky Richard Harrison.

Chumlee’s Weight Loss Update

Fans are seeing a lot less Chum! Chumlee has lost 130 pounds, dropping from 340 to 210. How did he he do it? He underwent gastric sleeve surgery in February 2018. Since then, he has been able to only eat very small meals, and the weight has literally melted off. Chumlee wants to be more than thin. He wants to be really fit.

Chumlee revealed he is working with a trainer, who is helping him turn between 10 and 20 pounds of fat into muscle. While that may mean he may weigh more in the end, as muscle weighs more than fat, he will the difference in how he his clothes fit,  his energy level, and how he looks in the mirror. Before he had his surgery, he had said in his YouTube Street Knowledge videos that he wants to look good on camera, as his goal is to get bit parts in television shows or movies. That is, when Pawn Stars is officially over.

Do you have any words of congratulation or marriage advice for the soon-to-be-married couple? Please share your well wishes and sage words if wisdom in the comments below. Don’t miss watching the new, one-hour episodes of Pawn Stars Season 16 on Monday nights, on the History Channel.

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