‘Seeking Sister Wife’ News: Paige and Bernie McGee Get Arrested

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Seeking Sister Wife stars Paige and Bernie McGee were both just arrested. John Yates shared the news to his Instagram about what went down with them. The person that is sharing all of the news is Paige’s brother Patrick Marble. He was very open about what went down going as far as to share their mugshot photos.

What were they arrested for?

The reports are that they were both arrested for felony stalking. It sounds like whatever went down they took a bit too far. Rankin County Jail is where the two were being held when reports came out. Check it out below.


As of not long ago, he said the couple was still in police custody. He said that they had been stalking his mother and him. He even called Paige “evil.” It is unknown if the arrest was for stalking her brother and mother or not, though. So far, the couple hasn’t said a word about what happened. The fans would love to hear more information from the McGee’s, but for now, they are being quiet. They might actually still be in custody at this time.

This couple’s love life

On the show, Paige and Bernie McGee have been trying to find a sister wife. They had a woman come and meet the family. She also has a teenage daughter. One issue with her is that she doesn’t want more children and they do. Fans are going to have to wait until the season is over to see if they can make this relationship work.

So far, Paige and Bernie McGee do not have any other wives in the family. They get along great by themselves, but they want someone else in their life. It may take them a bit to find the perfect person for their family. Not everyone is looking to become a polygamist.

Are you shocked to hear that Seeking Sister Wife stars Paige and Bernie McGee were arrested? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife on Sundays on TLC. This was filmed a while ago so you won’t be seeing this on the new season.

Mandy Robinson


  1. Bernie is a low life who is just looking for someone to sleep with. He’s not looking for a sister wife. I feel sorry for his wife and kids. Brandy is questionable too!

    1. Paige says she wants a plural marriage, but she is just blatently mean to Brandy. She is soooo jealous, which proves she is definitely not a good candidate to be in a plural marriage.

    2. I agree with you about Bernie, but Paige is the one that encouraged the situation and then decided she wasn’t ready.

  2. Nope. Not surprised. Paige is blatantly mentally unstable. She probably just wanted a friend and felt the only way to get one is to lease out her husband. Once the process began she realized she couldn’t do it. While sad, it’s also aggravating that their two youngest sons were dragged into and through the dysfunction by no choice of their own. They owe a huge apology to viewers and a public statement that they are quitting the show. Moreover, viewers need to be assured that their sons will be getting counseling to deal with the issues they have brought into their lives.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said!! Paige is totally unstable and I’m scared for whoever comes into their life as a potential sister wife! Those poor kids…that is going to screw they up mentally..long term! Bernie does not seem religious at all..he just wants more ‘nookie’ with someone different! Pig!

    2. That lady is str8 up crazy!
      She claims she didn’t do anything and if ya just re watch the episode you will witness that she in fact DID do all that she denies.
      She is delusional! Also very mean 🙁

  3. This is one of the sickest shows on right now, other than the other seeking Sister Wives show with the black couple. This man here, is just looking for sex, he said he wanted to kiss the the woman on the date. Getting a sister wife for him is exciting , more activity for him, he is a lowlife. This show show should be off the air, and so should the other couple that just moved from Atlanta to Calif. Why did they so suddenly move from Atlanta, Ga to Calif.??? This show also needs to be off the air, it is turning into porn, and that is something we don’t need. At least the Bates and the Duggars are trying to live a good life, and not with a dozen wives each. Take all this bad stuff off.

    1. Please…the Bates and Duggar clans of Quiverfull teenage baby makers are not good examples either. Take them off the air too!

  4. I feel sorry for their boys. Clearly they don’t want another mom. Neither does Paige.
    It’s all about the sex baby.

  5. I cant believe after watching this last episode 3/17 that Bernie went ahead and went on his date after he saw how upset his wife was, with that being said she is as screwed up as he is. The sons act more grown that the 2 parents do. Bernie wants so bad to be with another woman that in the process he doesn’t care who he hurts,a hard d$%@ has no conscious.The way his eyes glaze over and the way he starts is just weird. As for stalking, I can see that but her brother is definitely fueling the fire. What a train wreck! How about Mama June and Bernie hook up?

  6. As long as Bernie is with Paige he’ll never have a sister wife anyways. She’s too controlling & 2 faced. They need to just give it up.

  7. This couple really deserve each other. Paige is a loud mouth insecure nut with emotional issues. She does not want a sister wife. I guess she loves to herself say she wants that lifestyle. The show should be entitled ” Paige Seeking Attention”. Bernie is very eager to find another wife. What is that about? This couple need to reevaluate what they want. RUN BRANDY as fast as you can run run run.

  8. Bernie was the onewho wanted a pleural marriage! After 30 yrs of marriage would you want to share your husband he’ll no!

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