Reality Steve Stands By His ‘Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers As Colton Underwood Says They Are Wrong

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The next two nights are the big finale of The Bachelor 2019. Reality Steve has spoiled this season as usual. The thing is Colton Underwood said that they aren’t all right. So far, Steve has been right about the show and how it all goes down. There are times in the past that Reality Steve has been wrong, though.

Reality Steve stands by spoilers

Reality Steve went to his Twitter today to share his thoughts about the finale. He hasn’t changed them even after Colton said they aren’t true. Here is what Steve said this morning.

If you have been following Reality Steve’s spoilers, he says that Colton Underwood picks Cassie Randolph. Last week, everyone saw her go home. According to Steve, Colton will go to her hometown and tell her he wants to be with her. The thing is there are new pictures out that make that seem a bit off. There are pictures that show Cassie and Colton together where the final rose ceremony was supposed to be filmed.

Colton Underwood says spoilers are wrong

Colton Underwood already shared that the spoilers that are out are wrong. The thing is he didn’t explain at all what is wrong about them. Colton also didn’t call out Reality Steve, but everyone knows what spoilers he is talking about when he said it. The fans are just going to have to watch these last two episodes and see how it all plays out. It is almost time to see it all end.

If Steve is right, then Colton and Cassie are still together, but not engaged yet. It sounds like they are just enjoying their relationship. It wouldn’t be shocking if a proposal came soon, though. Colton Underwood made it very clear that Cassie is the one he had feelings for. You will see that even more in these final two episodes of The Bachelor.

Do you think that Reality Steve is right on the spoilers? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, don’t miss the finale of The Bachelor on Monday and Tuesday night this week on ABC.

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