Lisa Vanderpump Says Friendship with Kyle Richards is “Finished”

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If you’re following Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, you know that Lisa Vanderpump has had a major falling out with the six other housewives. This includes her former close friend Kyle Richards.

What has gone down this season on RHOBH?

The issues between Lisa and the other ladies began when Dorit Kemsley adopted a dog (Lucy Apple Juicy. We need to revoke Lisa’s dog naming privileges) from Lisa’s Vanderpump Dogs rescue organization. Claiming the dog bit her child, Dorit rehomed the dog to someone else. That person, whom Dorit can’t even remember the name of off-hand, took the dog to a shelter that has euthanasia facilities.

This isn’t the first dog that Dorit has adopted and returned. As Dorit should have known, the contract she signed stipulates a 5K fee for returning adopted dogs and they must be returned to the rescue instead of a shelter.

Not only didn’t Dorit follow the contract, but there is also rampant speculation online that there was never a “very nice lady” with a “very good home” for the dog. Many fans think Dorit dropped the dog off at the shelter herself. It seems by her most recent blog post, that Lisa is starting to wonder the same thing.

From Lisa’s blog:

“The notification came through by email on police headed note paper. All of the employees were aghast at how this had transpired. The note was stating that a reality star didn’t want the dog anymore.”

This seems to imply that the, according to the shelter, the person dropping off the dog was a reality star or their employee. Lisa also says that when Dorit did tell her about giving the dog up to someone else, the dog biting her children was never mentioned.


How Does Kyle Fit In?

So, that’s where we are now. How does Kyle fit in? In the first few episodes of the show, we see Lisa Rinna convincing Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Kyle that Lisa V. planned for them to be at Vanderpump Dogs. And worse, that Lisa V. instructed her employees to bring up the situation with Dorit and the dog, Lucy.

Kyle Richards tried to remain neutral, saying that she knows Lisa V. is manipulative but that’s just how she is and Kyle accepts that. However, from previews and detail leaks, we know that Lisa V. and her husband Ken Todd have a huge argument with Kyle where Kyle calls Lisa a liar, which prompts Ken to kick Kyle out of the house.

The Final Straw

According to Lisa’s newest blog post, Kyle accusing her of lying as the final straw in their friendship. In her blog, Lisa writes, “That is where the show started but is ultimately where our friendship finished.”

Tune to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tuesdays on Bravo to see if Kyle and Lisa can make amends. So far, it doesn’t’ look that way. 

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