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At the beginning of February, Anna Duggar shared that she would be participating in a fitness challenge. This was her New Year resolution. She wanted to create a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. This began with her fitness challenge and a healthier diet.

For the month of February, Anna Duggar challenged herself to walk 50 miles. In her post, she invited her followers to join her in this challenge. She was looking for accountability and wanted to invite others to join in.

For the challenge, she started using the hashtag #February50 and asked fans to do the same if they took part. She seemed to want to create a community around the challenge.

In the comments of the original post about the challenge, her followers were very encouraging and uplifting. They wished her luck and told her how great it was for her to be getting active.

In this post, she explained what motivated her. She said, “While I made a noble goal of reading through my Bible this year, I thought I would skip the fitness goals. 😅 However, seeing the progress of my family & friends has inspired me to join in making a physical change for 2019!”

How did Anna Duggar do on this challenge?

Once the month of February came to an end, Anna Duggar posted about her experience with this walking challenge. As she participated in her challenge, she didn’t seem to be posting about it.

As soon as February ended, she was quick to share an update about her progress. She posted a screenshot of her notes that included the date and the number of miles she walked each day.

She ended up going over on her goal and walked 55 miles. In the screenshot, she shows that she walked 3 miles most days at the end of the challenge. Of course, there were a few rest days so that she could recover.

In the caption, she says, “#February50 ended up being February55! Now on to March – hoping to go another 50 miles!” It seems like she has had a great experience so far and can’t wait to keep it going!

At the bottom of her note screenshot, we can see that Anna Duggar already began her challenge for the month of March. On March 1, she had walked two miles. Because of this, it looks like she is doing it all over again.

It looks like she’s already off to a great start for the month of March. Maybe she will break her goal again since March is a longer month too!

Are you going to join in Anna Duggar’s walking challenge too? Be sure to catch the other Duggars on Counting On on TLC at 9/8c on Mondays!

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