‘Deadliest Catch’: Do Captain Phil’s Sons Still Own The Cornelia Marie?

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On February 9, Deadliest Catch fans recently remembered the ninth anniversary of the death of the Cornelia Marie captain,  Phil Harris. Why has the latest news about the boat give a hint about their 2018/2019 fishing season, and do Captain Phil’s sons, Josh and Jake Harris, still own the boat?

Cornelia Marie Boat Owners

Captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus actually own the Cornelia Marie, along with two other investors, Roger Thomas and Kari Toivola. Josh purchased the boat three years after his father passed away from complications from a stroke. Although Captain Josh is a partial owner of the boat, Captain Casey explained to Yahoo that Josh is actually the “biggest individual shareholder still.”

The boat was  named after Cornelia Marie Collins, boat owner Ralph Collins’ wife. When the couple divorced, she got the fishing boat and eventually sold a small share to Captain Phil Harris. When Captain Phil died, the boat was part of Captain Phil’s estate.


The Cornelia Marie Remodeled

On February 18, the Cornelia Marie Facebook page shared that the boat is going through an overhaul. They shared a video of the co-captain/owners doing some work inside. In the background, Captain Josh works on pulling out wood. In front of the camera, Captain Casey explains that they are “doing a little gutting action.” Next, he lists the new features they are adding.

“New steel, heated glass windows new chairs, new control stations, new autopilot , new new new new new.”

Casey explained that they completed their quotas early this year. There is now enough time to give the Cornelia Marie some TLC. The captains are investing some money into the upgrade of the boat. He promises “things are going to be sweet. Since having taken ownership six years ago, these new owners have put a lot of money and effort into upgrading the boat. There is obviously a lot of love and care being put into this boat. Deadliest Catch fans will be excited to see how they do when Season 15 airs sometime this spring.


Jake Harris Has New Problems

Although Josh Harris is firmly part of the Cornelia Marie, he is sadly the last Harris fishing right now. His younger brother Jake continues to have issues. As TV Shows Ace recently reported, Jake Harris was recently charged with a felony DUI, drug possession and trying to outrun law enforcement in an RV.

Although his father Captain Phil had always said that Jake was the great fisherman in the Harris family, he now has no part of the boat, including ownership of the Cornelia Marie. The personal problems that plagued him in the last days of his father’s life continue to be an issue now. Because of this fans are a bit worried about him.

What do you think of the Cornelia Marie overhaul? What are your thoughts about the crew completing their fishing quota early? Do you think that the captains were really on the crab? Please share your thoughts and predictions in the comment field below. The Deadliest Catch will return to Discovery sometime in April.

Georgia Makitalo


  1. I know these men are far too busy to read these but i just wanted Josh Harris to know he teuely is an amazing man…not boy man…i have watched deadlest catch for urs and watched the things he has done and the responsibility that man deals with and how even when uts hard hw teps back and says i need help…people ask id u could meet one person in ur life who would it be and why…mine would be Josh Harris…and to meet such a humble man

  2. I’ve always thought josh not jake was the hardest working least acknowledged captain and his knack at finding crab this and last season prove it. Best looking too, being under appreciated has just made him all the more determined I like his moxy and his joy in fishing and his hand as a captain is surprisingly successful and fun he listens to the crew and he and Casey M push bet and cheer their way through adversity as well as success. I like him a lot.

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