‘The Bachelor’ Why did Colton Underwood Send Caelynn Miller-Keyes Home?

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There was a lot of confusion this weekend when Colton Underwood sent home Caelynn Miller-Keyes this last Monday on The Bachelor. It seemed like they had a great and fun date, but something didn’t connect for Colton. Now, he’s opening up about it.

Caelynn Left ‘The Bachelor’

Colton Underwood sent Caelynn home from The Bachelor this last Monday after hometowns. The pair rode around her hometown and shared some ice cream. After that, he met her family. It was probably a bit overwhelming as her entire family was there. This was different than the other girls who just had more immediate family there.

However, from the surface, it looked like Cassie and Colton had a more awkward date than he and Caelynn did. So, why did Caelynn go home instead of Cassie? After all, no one is sure either of them is ready for a proposal at the end of this.


According to Entertainment Tonight, it’s actually a matter of where he was at with the other girls compared to Caelynn. The other relationships were further along than theirs was at the time.

“One thing that I wish I could have articulated more to Caelynn tonight: it was nothing [about] where our relationship was. It was where the others were,” Colton said.

Apparently, he is just following his gut at this point and his gut is telling him to keep Cassie Randolph around. This is despite the rumors that Cassie isn’t ready for this and the worry on her face. She also hasn’t yet said she is falling in love with Colton. However, whatever he feels is right is what he should do. It is his life, after all, he knows what’s best.

Who Will be the Next Bachelorette

There have been rumors swirling around as to who will be the next Bachelorette. Since Caelynn is off the show, she is a front runner in some people’s opinions. Other names that have come into play are both of the Hannahs from this season.

One thing is for sure though, Khloe Kardashian will NOT be on the next season. After word got out that she would be, she shut that down quickly saying she isn’t “clickbait.”

Who do you want to see win at the end of the show? Let us know your top pick in the comments and stay tuned for more news on The Bachelor. There are only a few more episodes left and Colton STILL hasn’t jumped over the fence.

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