Derick Dillard Is In Trouble On Twitter Again

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Derick Dillard has a history of causing trouble on social media. He often makes hateful or controversial comments. Fans are quick to call him out for these remarks.

It looks like Derick Dillard is starting something on Twitter once again. On February 23rd, he sent out a new controversial tweet. This tweet was quoting a tweet that showed that there are 14 hate groups in Arkansas.

In his comment about the hate groups, he asked, “Why is Planned Parenthood not on here?” This easily provoked a lot of replies from his followers. It’s obvious that he’s speaking out against abortion, which the Duggar family strongly opposes.

Some of these replies explained everything else that Planned Parenthood offers. These fans shared how Planned Parenthood offers affordable health care for those who need it.

Some of the replies were on Derick Dillard’s side though. Someone said, “But their main business is abortion which is killing an innocent child. The Lord hates the shedding of innocent blood.”

Whenever Derick Dillard posts about controversial issues like this, he gets a lot of backlash. Plenty of fans call him out for comments like these. This isn’t the first time that he’s posted about touchy topics on social media.

What else has Derick Dillard said on social media?

In one Instagram post about his young son, he said that he was “training him young.” This caption made for some pretty upset fans. This is mostly because it sounded like Derick Dillard was training a dog and not raising a child.

One of the best-known situations that he got himself into on social media was with Jazz Jennings of I Am Jazz on TLC. He sent out a tweet that said, “What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality. ‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

As a result of this tweet directed at Jazz Jennings, Derick and Jill Dillard were removed from Counting On. This hateful tweet ended up costing the family their gig on reality TV.

In addition, he sent out this tweet about Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.

All of the Duggars are under constant scrutiny, especially on social media. Derick Dillard does tend to get quite a bit of hate on his posts because of his reputation. It’s actually a pretty big deal if he doesn’t end up with any hateful comments.

It’s safe to say that fans aren’t necessarily surprised when Derick Dillard starts making hateful comments on social media. You might think that he would start being more careful, but he hasn’t yet. Who knows if that time will come?

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  1. I do believe these are hate based remarks, what ever happened to freedom of speech, aren’t we all entitled to have an opinion? What happened to obeying Gods word and letting the Bible and Gods word to guide us! I am so behind Jill and Derrick, they are being punished by ignorant people for giving their opinions and saying what a lot of other people are thinking! You go guys, just know there are people behind you that support you totally!

  2. I say to each their own, we should all live our life’s the way we want, , I don’t understand some people’s life styles, but it’s none of my business how people live as long as they are happy and not hurting anyone.

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