‘Deadliest Catch’ News: Time Bandit Part of Neal Hillstrand’s Divorce Settlement

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Divorce can be costly to anyone, but for Neal Hillstrand, one of the co-owner brothers of the Time Bandit, the family boat is currently part of the divorce proceedings. Why is the boat of the former Deadliest Catch star part of this divorce?

The Fate Of The Time Bandit

Neal Hillstrand is currently getting divorced from his wife Sugayle Marie Hillstrand. Neal filed for divorce in October, and the couple are now dividing their assets. According to TMZ, he gets their $340,000 house, and their 1969 Chevy Malibu, while she gets their 2012 Sierra SUV, and the 2006 Envoy SUV. Sugayle received $15 grand, and will continue to receive an addition $1,500 a month, for the next six months. But the settlement does not end there. Should Johnathan, Andy and Neal, the three co-owners of the Time Bandit, ever sell the family fishing boat, she will get $10,000 from that sale.

The Time Bandit is their 113-foot fishing boat that was featured in the Deadliest Catch. The Hillstrand son’s father, John, named it the Time Bandit because it steals your time. Although fans had seen the boat on the reality series, when it went out to the Bering Sea during crab season, the boat does run year round for fishing season. Right now, the boat is busy year round. There is no information on how much the boat is actually worth, but it could safely be assumed it is over a million dollars. The Hillstrand brothers don’t appear to be interested in selling the boat anytime soon.


Who Is Neal Hillstrand?

According to Johnathan Hillstrand’s Facebook page, Neal Hillstrand is the youngest son of the five Hillstrand brothers. The third generation fisherman was born on September 9, 1966. He has three children, Axl and Phillip, who both work on the Time Bandit, and have been on the Deadliest Catch. Neal also has a daughter, Marissa Geissler. The 52-year-old fisherman-owner is not only the chief engineer, but will work on deck, or even take the captain’s wheel.

Neal is also the boat’s primary cook. The crew on the boat love it when he makes the full Thanksgiving meal. But, they will admit that afterwards, they do feel pretty stuffed and not so ready to work on the brutal Bering Sea. When Neal is not fishing, he has a hydro-seed and landscaping business. He is a hunter and sports fisherman. He enjoys going to Hawaii to chill and relax.

The Time Bandit Not Returning To The Deadliest Catch

The Hillstrand family fishing boat has recently been in the news quite a bit. As TV Shows Ace had previously reported, the Time Bandit was not returning back to the Deadliest Catch, although Captain Johnathan Hillstrand un-retired. It was not that he didn’t want to return to the show for Season 15, he just couldn’t return to the show. So instead of a comeback to Discovery, the Hillstrand’s could not fish King Crab because the main engine blew up in October.

When Season 14 of the Deadliest Catch was being filmed, Captain Johnathan did his own videos that he shared on social media. He shared that he would like to come back and urged fans to ask Discovery to return the Time Bandit to the Deadliest Catch.

What do you think of the Time Bandit in Neal Hillstrand’s divorce proceedings? Do you miss the Hillstrand brothers? Please share your thoughts in the comments. The new season of the Deadliest Catch Season 15 will return to Discovery in the Spring of 2019.

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  1. The whole boat is not included in the divorce just the portion he owns that’s why she would get a part of it because it’s community property. And before you start attacking me I’m not defending it I’m just stating why she would get money out of that.

    1. Please bring them back! I have the first hoody of the Time Bandit! They are my favorite!! I love watching them and the history of the boat itself.

  2. Please bring back the Time Bandit!!! The Bandit has stolen my heart and I miss the boat and crew. I have had enough of the Hansons. Their self serving better than anyone else attitudes have me fast forwarding thru their parts on Deadliest Catch. Sig likes to belittle and bully people. Especially Jake. Then he will say I’m doing it to help you be glad I care enough to bully you. Sig has let the series “Documentary ” go to his head. I get it he works hard. It’s dangerous. But a lot of people do dangerous jobs. Please bring back the Time Bandit and let the great crew bring back the Deadliest Catch.

  3. Seems like wife getting shit end of stick ,the guy is getting the house worth 340000 dollars or did I read that wrong

  4. Huge long time fan from Australia, proud to have Time Bandit sticker on my cars rear window,John & his brothers are crab fishing legends whose boat is synonymous with the show.

  5. Absolutely. This series needs them back . But I thought Johnathan wanted to retire. What was that all about?. Please bring back the non- whiney crew!

  6. PLEASE bring back the TIME BANDIT!!!!!! They really are a big part of the show. I don’t know if I will continue watching if the timed and it isn’t on there.

  7. What is a show with out time,nothing more then a thief. We need to spend more time with not a thief but a bandit. a thief steals and a bandit takes what is his, this world needs more time bandits. Well God bless the Hillstrands, and I hope I spelled your name right. This is RLL Bancroft now get your ass back fishing LMAO

  8. Please bring the time bandit back ! As a Alaskan I loved the old originals. Unfortunately some of the good old boy’s are sadly gone. The Time bandit NEED’S to reappear. We miss those good old brother’s and the crew.

  9. Please bring back The Time Bandit ! Watching the Hikstrands as my favorite part of Deadliest Catch! PLEASE!

  10. The main engine blew up? In years past,(2013), they did a special about all the improvements they made to their boat, which included new engines, props, hydraulics and crane.

  11. I understand that time changes things. I have spent the past hour on Discovery trying to find out why the Time Bandit was not on tonight’s show. I am sad to not see Johnathan or Andy. They are great fishermen. I sincerely hope at some point in time, that they return to the show. I feel as sad about this as I did when Capt. Phil died. I don’t like changes that alter what I’m used to. Please find a way to return and make us all happy.

  12. Please bring back the Time Bandit. It’s not a show without them. LOVE the pranks they played. We need them back.

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